Public defence in Building Technology, M. Sc. Serenay Elmas

Public defence from the School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering
Torsion as a design driver for structures and architecture

Title of the thesis: Torsion as a design driver for structures and architecture

Doctoral student: Serenay Elmas
Opponen: Prof. Lars de Laet, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Custos: Prof. Günther H. Filz, Aalto University

The thesis is located at the intersection of architectural and engineering disciplines, within the specialized multidisciplinary field of "Structures and Architecture" at Aalto University.

Twisted forms, with origins dating back to ancient times, have a prominent presence in architectural history, embodying both aesthetic appeal and structural complexity. This thesis bridges architecture and engineering disciplines to examine a twisted beam element assembled from four thin plywood strips that undergo large rotational and translational deformations. The central question guiding our exploration is whether such flexibly twisted members can enhance structural performance, while embracing their aesthetic values. Within this context, the research touches on many related viewpoints, including the architectural, artistic, engineering, and pedagogical perspectives, as documented by publications, and showcased by several experimental full-scale structures and exhibitions.

Key words: Lightweight structures, ephemeral architecture, equilibrium geometry, twist, bending-active, elastic torsion, plywood

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Contact information: Serenay Elmas, [email protected]

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