Pedagogical training: Teaching practice 5 cr, core course, enrollment period 4.5.-29.6.2020

teaching practice - pedagogical training

Are you interested in:

  •     Curriculum work as a part of planning of teaching and guided teaching practice
  •     Constructive alignment in practice
  •     Assessment of teaching and learning as a part of educational development

Practical information

You will complete Teaching practice course during the semester when you have own your own course ongoing. The course consists of opening seminar (4 hours). In addition, the participants meet in small groups (4-5 times) and observe teaching in their small groups and provide feedback (approx. 15h). The course includes teaching observations at different education institutions as well.

The course will begin on Monday 24.8.2020 and it also includes four to five small group meetings. Small groups will meet during the autumn on their own timetable.

Enrollment period: 4.5.-29.6.2020

The enrollment has ended by 29.6.2020 and the accepted participants have been informed.

Who can apply?

We will prioritize persons appointed on tenure and lecturer track and those who have a lot of teaching responsibilities.  For Teaching practice -course in autumn 2020 we can accept approx. 20 persons.

To be eligible to apply, you must have completed the following courses before the start:

  • A! Peda Intro (5 cr) or another similar course,
  • Learning and teaching in higher education 5 cr (Teaching at Aalto University I) and
  • Course design 5 cr (Teaching at Aalto University II or Course clinic)
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