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[email protected] Gala

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Warmly welcome to [email protected] Gala 2018!

[email protected] Gala is organized to the Aalto community as a joint effort by the strategic initiatives in the field of learning.

Welcome to celebrate learning, and to see and experience the great results achieved in 2018, as well as to network with other members of the community interested in educational innovations.


Pre-Gala – Morning for workshops! 

8:30 Early Bird breakfast 

9:00 Welcome, Keynote (Petri Suomala) & Networking

10:00-12:00 Workshops (registrations completed)

10:00-11:00 Online Learning Ideation - Card Game Session - Lisa Staudinger & Tomi Kauppinen
10:00-12:00 Interactive walk-in workshop on assessment for learning. Share your vision of future. Contribute in creating what we want to achieve in Aalto. Is it a matter of trust, care and learning? Facilitators: Venla Virtakoivu and Viivi Virtanen
10:00-12:00 Learning Challenge Aalto: Teaching Lab Design Kit - Tools for course design
10:00-12:00 AllWell? Aikaansaamisen avaimet – Vetkuttelijan elämää (IN FINNISH). Lähes me kaikki olemme ajoittain aikaansaamattomia. Tule mukaan tutustumaan Aallon verkkomateriaaliin aikaansaamattomuudesta ja kokemaan, miten materiaalia voisi hyödyntää opetuksessa ja ohjauksessa. Vetäjä: Mikko Inkinen
10:00-12:00 AllWell? Focusing your energy: Getting things done and feeling well. The objective of this workshop is to get to know to Aalto’s digital material on time and energy management as well as to learn how to use the material in teaching and advising. Facilitators: Sanni Saarimäki and Henna Niiva
11:00-12:00 Programme Attractiveness: How to reach our target audience, the teenagers? This student marketing workshop inspires you to think about how Aalto University and its programmes could be better and more effective in reaching the right audiences.
11:00-12:00 Online Learning Ideation - Card Game Session - Lisa Staudinger & Tomi Kauppinen


[email protected] Gala – Afternoon for celebration!  

12:00 Grab & Enjoy – Express Lunch 

13:00 [email protected] Gala opening

13:30 Minute Madness: pitches by demoers (pilots, development projects)  

13:50 Demos of pilots, development projects

15:10 – 16:00 Celebration

Learning Challenge Aalto
Success of Students study well-being project
Aalto Online Learning
Programme Attractiveness
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