Facilitating the future of sustainable textiles and packaging: Aalto University Bioinnovation Center

Aalto University Bioinnovation Center presents projects in sustainable bio-based textiles and packaging, combining design, business and technology in a radically creative way.
A web-like biomaterial on a bright substrate
Picture: Design by Sonja Dallyn

Futuristic, sustainable textiles and packaging

With new sustainable biomaterial solutions, we can decrease our dependency on single-use plastics, and fossil-based materials in packaging and textiles. By combining artificial intelligence, electronics, design and materials science, new materials like eTextiles or ePackaging can be developed.

The posters made by Aalto University Bioinnovation Center's doctoral students introduce five futuristic research projects in sustainable textiles and packaging made with biomaterials.

A lecture hall with students
Photo: Eeva Suorlahti

Open lecture on bioinnovations 

The bioinnovation exhibition will be complemented by an open, public lecture in Finnish for high school and vocational students, and anyone interested in the topic.

Ti 27.9.2022 klo 15:00-16:00
Noora Yau: Bioinnovaatioita kestävään tulevaisuuteen - kimaltavaa puuta

"Bioinnovations for a sustainable future" is a joint effort between Aalto University Bioinnovation Center and Aalto Junior.

> See more on Aalto Junior's Open Lectures (in Finnish)

Bioinnovation Center's Cooler Planet team

Photo: Artistic paper sample

Aalto University Bioinnovation Center

To achieve human wellbeing in planetary boundaries, we need new sustainable solutions to wisely use our natural resources. The Bioinnovation Center especially focuses on innovations in sustainable bio-based materials, with special focus on textiles and packaging.

Aalto Junior logo

Aalto University Junior

Aalto University Junior is art, science, technology and entrepreneurship for children, young people and teachers - to support teaching, personal joy and a source of enthusiasm.

Aalto-yliopiston logo

Aalto University Bioinnovation Centre launching

Aalto University’s Bioinnovation Centre will be established with the grant amounting over 10 million euros received from Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation. Bioinnovation Centre will start its operation in 2021 by the recruitment of a professor enabled by the grant and opening the first call for the doctoral school supported by the grant.

Tutkija puhuu yleisölle

Open lectures in Aalto

Welcome to experience interesting lectures at Aalto University. The lectures are aimed at the general public, high school students or otherwise just interested.

Aalto University Junior

Have a look at Aalto Junior's participatory art piece featured at Designs for a Cooler Planet 2022.

Lähikuva käsistä, jotka kiinnittävät kankaasta tehtyjä kukkia kanaverkkoon

Pollinator's delight: a participatory art piece from textile waste promoting biodiversity

In The Aalto University Junior’s project, textile waste is turned into a collective art piece representing the importance of the meadows.

Life 1.5 in black font and Designs for a Cooler Planet logo on a white, fragmented background.

Life 1.5 – an exhibition of planet-friendly materials, fashion and food

Designs for a Cooler Planet is a five-week-long festival celebrating experiments in planet-friendly materials, fashion, and food.

Black font stating "What's the future made of?" and Designs for a Cooler Planet logo on a white, fragmented background.

What's the future made of?

Planet-friendly alternatives for materials, mindsets and architecture.

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