Electric-powered boat SKAND

The boat is powered by solar cells and makes no noise in the water. It has also been designed for rental use or as a city boat so that many people in the future can enjoy being on the water, while saving nature and materials.
Beautiful electric powered boat Skand designed by Jean Munck and Laura Hietala.
Beautiful electric powered boat Skand designed by Jean Munck and Laura Hietala.

The boat, which makes no noise in the water, is powered by solar cells. It has been designed to function also in rental use or as a city boat, so that many people have the opportunity to enjoy being on the water in the future, while saving nature and materials.

With its solar panels and electric power source boat manifests values similar to sailing. Moving slowly and quietly are its main benefits together with non-polluting and carbon free implementation.

Boat sharing makes it possible for everyone to enjoy activities of boating ecologically and without owning a boat.

The designs of deck structures, spatial plan, furniture and accessories have been based on user needs in a shared usage.

The exhibition showcases a variety of design concepts which are based on user scenarios and user needs and developed together in collaboration with boat designers and electric vehicle manufacturer, boat sharing services and end-users. The design concepts support different type of usage and intelligent modular solutions responds to the needs of transformability.


The team

  • Design BA (3rd year) Course – Design project 
  • Project leader and teacher: Simo Puintila, Lecturer, Industrial design
  • Skand: Anssi Helminen, Jouka Dehm
  • Engineering agency: Sven Ståhle, Yacht design


Student teams: 

  • Hanna Hartikainen & Niilo Kämäräinen
  • Ninni Laaksonen & Anna Vienamo
  • Henrik Aikio & Theo Weckström
  • Rasmus Haikka & Juho Huovinen
  • Jean Munck & Laura Hietala
  • Miika Rissanen & Iida Palosuo
  • Maria Hjelt & Toni Salo


Contact Information:

Simo Puintila, [email protected], 0505175036

Anssi Helminen, [email protected], 0453213622

Students designed spatial solutions for the new electric boat for Skand

Working on the first, already implemented prototype, young designers were able to outline the real space and proportions of the boat.

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