Digital Business Master Class (Online)

DBMC Online (6 ECTS) is a fully online challenge-based course with a focus on digital technologies as tools for building businesses. During the course, students work in international teams to plan digital solutions for real cases from partnering companies.
Group work at Aalto University (photo: Aino Huovio)

NOTE: This is the 2020 course. Information about our Digital Business Master Classes for 2021 will be updated during autumn 2020. 

Digital Business Master Class (47E00100) is an interactive and fast-paced graduate-level course (6 ECTS) focusing on digital technologies as tools for building businesses. During the Master Class, students learn how companies transform their processes and systems by implementing digital technologies. Concepts covered include platforms and ecosystems, business design thinking, data-driven marketing, digital value creation, data-intensive business and agile development methods.

In the online adaptation of the DBMC, students from all over the world have the chance to join a facilitated and challenge-based course on Digital Business organised by Aalto University. This gives the participants a great opportunity to build their professional networks and improve their cross-cultural communication skills. DBMC Online is also well-suited for students from Aalto and other Finnish universities who want to benefit from the summer semester.

Challenge-based learning is an integral part of the Master Class. Students work on company projects in international and multidisciplinary teams. The projects are done in collaboration with partner companies, ensuring that the themes are relevant to the current business environment.

Course schedule

The course includes three phases: self-paced pre-work and post-work, and two intensive weeks of lectures and project work in teams. 

1 - 12 June: Pre-work

  • Self-paced course orientation
  • Individual research for the project

Estimated workload: 20 h

29 June - 10 July: Lectures & Project work

  • Daily online lectures (Mon-Fri at 13:00-16:00, GMT+3). Attendance is strongly recommended but the lectures will be also recorded.
  • Virtual company excursions 
  • Teamwork on a company project

Estimated workload: 80 h

11 - 17 July: Project work

  • Finishing the company project

Estimated workload: 30 h

by 7 August: Post-work

  • Individual reflection on key takeaways, teamwork and course experience

Estimated workload: 10 h

Online participation

You can participate in the daily online lectures via a Zoom link, which you will be provided in the beginning of the course. You will also get a DBMC Student Guide, once you have accepted your participation in the program. We use Microsoft Teams as a learning environment and an online space for project work.

Applicant groups

The Digital Business Master Class is aimed at graduate students and lifelong learners with an undergraduate degree. 

DBMC Course Fee

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for external students is 900€ (including VAT 24%).

There is no tuition fee for students who are nominated for exchange from a partner institution of Aalto University, for Aalto degree students or for students with a flexible study right (JOO-right) from another Finnish university. 

Please note: The tuition fee is to be paid by credit card. If the fee is not paid by the due date, the application will be considered lapsed. 

Cancellation terms

In the case of cancellation:

  • Cancelling up to 60 days before the beginning of the course: 85% refund (Aalto University will deduct 15 % of each course fee as a service and bank cost fee)
  • Cancelling up to 30 days before the beginning of the course: 50 % refund
  • Cancelling less than 30 days before the beginning of the course: no refund

Frequently Asked Questions

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Digital Business Master Class

Digital Business Master Class is a challenge-based course with a focus on digital technologies as tools for building businesses.

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