Advanced materials commercialisation for scientists and entrepreneurs - Ventures for a better society

Ventures for a better society - Sampsa Fabritius, CEO at Kieku Labs Oy
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This event features: Ventures for a better society - Sampsa Fabritius, CEO at Kieku Labs Oy


Transformative entrepreneurship makes purpose meet business - it connects entrepreneurship with building a better world.  Because mental models are driving business models, it's time for the business community to take responsibility for the future.


Science on economics and human transformations verifies that doing good is not only the right thing to do, but also the best business. This talk-workshop-interaction introduces the ideas behind transformative entrepreneurship and the movement to build a community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs grounded to making positive societal impact.


Short bio

Sampsa Fabritius is the founder of Kieku voice-blogging. Rational utopist, transformative entrepreneur, technologist, consciousness practitioner, theatre fan, and player of Go. Run by the slogan ’ventures for a better society’ - grounded on both human and economic wisdom. Specialized in complex and messy projects.


Already inspired to join the movement? - Transformative Business Unconference, organized on 4th December 2018 as a Slush side event, brings together the like-minded, to meet and join forces to build scalable businesses that create a better society and protect the environment and the nature.



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