Aalto Wellbeing Week Keynote "Leading a Life of Courage and Compassion"

Join us for a warm moment of reflection and new ideas to energize your mind, body and heart for the upcoming semester!
Emilia Lahti. Kuvaaja: Pauliina Vanhanen.

We are each equipped with deep inner reserves to create, strive and grow. However, sometimes these reserves seem a) nowhere to be found or, b) found but we push ourselves way beyond what is sustainable.

Finding balance between the two is a life long quest. However it is one that has the potential to foster more deep-seated wellbeing not only in our own lives but in the lives of others, and the systems around us that are the structures within which our life happens. 

Join us for a warm moment of reflection and new ideas to energize your mind, body and heart for the upcoming semester! 

Emilia Lahti (M.sc, MAPP) is a doctoral candidate at Aalto University School of Science and Technology. She is passionate about action research, social justice, and creating practical solutions for increasing collective awareness of the interconnected nature of all life. The heart of her work is in understanding and describing the elusive and vital phenomena of ‘life force’ and ’sisu’.

She is the founder of Sisu Not Silence – a nonprofit building cultures free of violence and abundant with compassion. She has explored her own sisu by running and cycling 2400 km across the length of New Zealand last year and more recently, studying Kung-fu in Northern China. Her work has been featured by The New Yorker, Scientific American, Forbes and BBC, among others. Emilia believes it is our collective duty to co-create socially warm, inviting spaces that enable people to reach their truest high expression. More About Emilia at emilialahti.com.



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Aalto Wellbeing Week is a yearly wellbeing event for all Aalto people! Enjoy many happenings of the week!

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