Aalto Wellbeing Week 2019

Aalto Wellbeing Week is a yearly wellbeing event for all Aalto people! Enjoy many happenings of the week!
Logo of Aalto Wellneing Week 2019

Aalto Wellbeing Week  is a yearly wellbeing event for all Aalto people! During the week there are many wellbeing happenings like sponsor stands, Cuckoo Workout® break exercise app, week's keynote, mindfulness sessions and Aalto Club.s trip to Nuuksio!

All ideas, hopes and feedback are very welcome to  [email protected] tai [email protected]

Kuva Nuuksion retkeltä vuodelta 2015

Aalto Wellbeing Week Cuckoo Workout® break exercise Launch

Cuckoo Workout is an easy-to-use break exercise app that activates employees to get up and moving in a fun a way.

Kuva esityksestä Gabriel Kansallisteatterissa / Kansallisteatterin kuvagalleria

Aalto Wellbeing Week National Theatre's play "Gabriel"

Aalto Wellbeing Weekin theatre play "Gabriel" in Finnish National Theatre

Kandidaattikeskuksen hyvinvointiständit vuonna 2016

Aalto Wellbeing Week Wellbeing sponsor stands

Welcome to visit wellbeing sponsor stands in Undergraduate center

Emilia Lahti. Kuvaaja: Pauliina Vanhanen.

Aalto Wellbeing Week Keynote "Leading a Life of Courage and Compassion"

Wellbeing Week's Keynote "Leading a Life of Courage and Compassion"

Aalto Ukulele Club

Aalto Wellbeing Week Thursday's Workshops

Wellbeing workshops offered related to Stress Management, Test your health and Aalto Ukulele Club session

Kuva merenrannasta, joka kuvastaa kehon ja mielen syyshuoltosessiota

Aalto Wellbeing Week Body & Mind workout

The theory session is followed by an entry level yoga class that finishes in a balancing final relaxation. The class is suitable and beneficial for everyone - also men are warmly welcome to join.

Spirit of Finland mural Photo: Rustam Kotov

Aalto Wellbeing Week Mindfulness Sessions

Mindfulness Sessions are open for students and staff.
YTHS Juttupöytä

During Aalto Wellbeing Week there are special chat tables in restaurants for chatting and talking with people

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