Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at the School of Electrical Engineering

Equality, diversity and inclusion at the School of Electrical Engineering

We aim to be a diverse and inclusive community where all students, faculty, staff and stakeholders feel a sense of belonging and can fulfill their professional, educational and social aspirations fully.
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Students, faculty and staff of the School of Electrical Engineering form a diverse community, and our personnel represent almost 70 different nationalities. Some central themes in our equality, diversity and inclusion work are

At the School of Electrical Engineering, EDI work is coordinated by the ELEC EDI Group that the Dean nominates for two years at a time. The group prepares a biennial action plan that implements Aalto's EDI plan on the school level. The group members actively participate in implementation of the activities. The group works together with the Dean, School Management Team, the personnel administration and education management, communications, and other central parties.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group

Contact information of the School of Electrical Engineering Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group (EDI Group) and Aalto level contact points in case of harassment and inappropriate behaviour.

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ELEC EDI Action plan 2023-2024

How to get involved?

Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion benefits everyone. Be active in participating in activities we organise and use resources we offer. All members of our community are most welcome to participate in planning and contributing to activities even if they are not members of the EDI Group. If you have ideas about actions at department or school level or in your student guild, please share them with us, or apply funding for implementation from the ELEC D&I Funding.

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Language policy and guidelines revised during spring - Your input is welcome!

What works well, what should be changed? Tell what you think of our language policy and answer a survey by 3.3.2023.
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Inclusive European student mobility being developed in Unite's new project IDEM

The aim is to facilitate, for example, the full participation of students with disabilities and refugee backgrounds in exchange and mobility programs.
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Think of and implement ways to support equality and diversity

The School of Electrical Engineering prioritises an operating environment where equality and diversity atmosphere predominate. The members of our community can now propose how our values can be reflected in our activities more extensively than before.
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Share your ideas for the Aalto University Equality Plan 2022–2024

How should we develop the equality, diversity and inclusion of the Aalto community? Member of Aalto community, please share your views on the Aalto.fi discussion by 7 June
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