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Welcome to the beta version of the new aalto.fi

The open beta of the new aalto.fi has begun and we would like to hear what you think of the new site. Please note, that compared to the old aalto.fi, the content structure has changed and the content is now distributed by subject, topic or theme rather than by organisational structure.

One of the goals of this beta version is to gather your feedback and identify aspects that need our attention to improve the site ahead of the final release later in the autumn.  

Your comments and ideas are very welcome on how to make the site better, as we are continuously improving it. Search is one of the features under further development and we would particularly like to hear from you on two related topics: 

  • did the search function produce the information you were looking for, and/or 
  • did you find the information you were looking for where you expected it to be found i.e. under one of the site's main sections?  

Kindly, send your feedback to [email protected]. Thank you in advance for your help!


What is a beta? 

The beta version is used for verifying and improving the stability of the service before the final launch. Users can identify hidden bugs or mistakes that only become obvious once the site or service is actually in use. We will be working hard on adopting all the suggestions and tackling all the feedback that we get, and we are grateful for every piece of feedback. 

Can I still use the old version? 

Yes, you can. Click on the "back to old version" button that can be found in the beta banner at the top of any page and you will be redirected to the old site.  

Is the information on this site accurate/valid? 

In short, yes it is. There may, however, be content gaps and we are working hard to fix these. If you notice a gap in content, please do let us know. 

Where can I give feedback? 

All feedback is greatly appreciated! You can send your feedback to [email protected].

When will the beta stage end? 

We do not have a specific date when the beta ends, rather we will keep working on improving the site until we feel that the service is complete and the beta stage can end. Typically, a beta stage can last between 1 and 3 months.

Read about the aalto.fi renewal and upgrade

Drupal: Aalto.fi website

Here, you can find instructions on how to make the most out of aalto.fi to visualise your pages and make your content findable. This page is also for the latest Drupal news and events.

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