Drupal: Aalto.fi website

Launching the new aalto.fi

The new, renewed aalto.fi has been launched in stages starting in the beginning of October. The launch process begins with publishing one of the main hubs, Study at Aalto, which has not been visible on the new site before now.
Screenshot of aalto.fi main page.

During the first stage of the launch, all other content will be marked as Beta, to show users that the site is being improved and not yet the final version. The goal is that the beta stage will last for around one month. During the beta stage, the present aalto.fi will be open and can be edited. Also, Inside will be in use for internal communication.

During the beta period, users will be able to choose whether they want to use the new aalto.fi or go back to the old site (old.aalto.fi) through a banner at the top of the site. Once we are happy with the site and satisfied with the improvements, we will remove the beta tag. Then, the old aalto.fi will be closed and archived, and Inside changed to a read-only mode.

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