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Introducing Research group pages

On the new communications platform, each research group will have their own page to present their research, group members and other relevant group information. The research group pages will have a new content type that differs from articles and services.
expanded scenography researh group aalto university

The pages will partly include already existing components, such as text paragraphs and images, but they will also feature new ones. For example, it will be possible to use automatic lift-ups to integrate publications from ACRIS to be shown on the research group page. Research group member information can be easily added direct from ACRIS, as well.

Research group page example

We have designed an example layout of the pages, including general information, publications, members and contacts. However, each research group can later edit their page to suit best their needs and wishes. The content can be edited, and the order of the components changed.

All research group pages will be collected to one page as lift-ups for easy access and browsing. In addition, they can be shown, for example, on department pages to showcase the department’s research groups.

All Aalto’s research groups will be manually transferred to Drupal by the project team once the content type is ready for usage. All groups will be transferred by 15 June.

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