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Get to know the Services hub

One of the six main hubs of the new aalto.fi is the Services hub that collects all Aalto’s services on a simple page with a search function. Now, we have the first version of the Services hub ready in the demo for you to review.
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Creating the Services hub has had many stages. All content in aalto.fi and Inside were reviewed, and the services identified. These services were categorised, and the target groups defined. In that we received help from the editors. Thank you all for your help! In the next stage, we added all the content from the Content storage to Drupal and edited and removed duplicate content and outdated material. After some more tweaking, we are finally at this stage.

On the main page of the Services hub, all categories are shown to the user and by choosing a category the user finds all the articles under that category. The user can also filter the results by choosing a target group, for example student, and/or adding search words.

Services hub

The Services hub is constantly developed further, and therefore changing weekly. Currently, the search only looks for the words from the articles titles, but in the future, it will also search the words for example from the category names.

Go check out the Services hub here and give us feedback!

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