Drupal: Aalto.fi website

Demo site introduced 9 May

The aalto.fi project is taking a huge step forward as the demo – the first draft of the renewed aalto.fi – will be published to the Aalto staff on 9 May 2018 in Dipoli. Then, the new visuals and the sturctural logic, based on content hubs, will be presented.
Aalto.fi renewal blog graphic

At the 9 May event, the presentation will include information on what happens next with the content editing. After the demo launch, content owners and editors will have around one month to check their content and approve it for translations.

The development work continues after the demo launch towards the beta version, planned to be published before Midsummer. The beta site will be for all to see, and to familiarise themselves with.

The content owners and editors can, during the spring, visit drop-in clinicshosted by the project team to get support in the final stretch to make the site a success. Feedback will also be collected from staff regarding the user experience on the demo site. This information will be utilised to improve the site for the beta, and the final new aalto.fi communications platform, published later in the year. Everyone’s input is needed in order to reach the set goal!

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