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Demo published!

The demo version of the new aalto.fi was published today. Anyone with an Aalto ID can now go and browse the demo at content.aalto.fi. The beta version for all users is planned to be published on 15 June 2018.
Aalto renewal blog image - red graphic

The demo version was published to the Aalto staff to show the new structure of the renewed aalto.fi. The demo includes the new site logic – every article belongs to one HUB but it can be shown elsewhere, as well – and the components for editors to edit articles.

In the current version, some sections, such as News & Events, are still pending. In the demo, these are shown as placeholders with a sign Coming soon on top of an image representing the section. These sections are currently under development and they will be published in the demo as soon as they have been finished.

Aalto.fi demo site front page

Go ahead and check out the demo at beta.aalto.fi! You can give feedback through the feedback tool on each page.

The three most important deadlines to remember for now are:

  • 8.6. all demo texts ready for translations
  • 15.6. beta site goes live
  • 30.9. new aalto.fi is launched – old aalto.fi and Inside are archived
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