Doctoral education

Doctoral student well-being

Aalto University offers varied support services accessible to all doctoral students. There is a lot of help available for you at Aalto. Check also the community health care services. The health, safety and wellbeing of our student community is essential and is indeed one of our strategic initiatives.

Aalto psychologist services for doctoral students

Aalto psychologist services for doctoral students are available free of charge both online and on the campus. You can contact the psychologist for doctoral students at [email protected] 

The psychologists also offer courses and workshops for students at Aalto.

PhD Pathfinder Blog by Aalto's psychologist for doctoral students

Aalto chaplains are available to all members of the Aalto community

Challenges outside student life (Into webpages)

Ombudsperson for doctoral students

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Study and career counselling psychologist services for doctoral students

The study and career counselling psychologists support doctoral students on their doctoral journey.

Study at Aalto
Kuva aaltopappi Anu Morikawasta

Aalto chaplains provide services for everyone at Aalto

The Aalto chaplains’ services are available to all members of the Aalto community. You can contact them whenever you want to speak to someone in confidence about anything related to work, personal relationships or your life situation in general.


Study skills

Have you considered what studying means to you? what is the best way for you to learn or how you can make your studies run smoothly? Learn more about what study skills are and can learn and improve them.

Study skills consist of a number of areas, such as the management of study methods, self-management, acting in a community and regulation of personal emotions. Study skills are something you can learn, and these pages include ideas for developing your skills as well as links for sources of additional information.

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Support for challenges during your doctoral studies

Doctoral students can encounter different kind of challenging situations during their studies. This page presents the support network of doctoral students and instructions for how to proceed if doctoral students experience any type of harrasment, bullying or misconduct, or have issues with supervision.


Doctoral education

Doctoral student, supervising professor and thesis advisor: this is your hub for doctoral education. The information sources collected on this hub related to doctoral theses, doctoral programmes, public defences and management of doctoral education, to name a few, are also useful for our applicants and stakeholders.

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