Digital Disruption of Industry

Call a Researcher!

The first Call a researcher! week was a success with more than 60 hours of discussion. We will implement this again in the autumn. A big thanks to all those who participated!

Want to know more on platforms, digital ethics or  ecosystems? Wondering about your company's digitalization strategy? Do you have questions on crowdsourcing, technology adoption, industrial internet or 5G?

The Digital Disruption of Industry researchers study the impacts of digitalization to the Finnish industry and society. Our experts are available for one hour Skype discussions during 23-27 April. Book your discussion slot now. 

Call a Researcher! week during 23-27 April 

Step 1: Check below which researcher best matches the topic you would like to discuss.
Step 2: Book your slot using the Doodle link. Note that our researchers are in Finland and the time zone is UTC+2. 
Step 3: After the booking send an email to the researcher so you can exchange Skype contacts. 
Step 4: The researcher will confirm your booking via email. 

This is a pro bono service. The discussions are confidential, but you are responsible for not disclosing trade secrets. Contents of the discussions might be discussed on a general level inside the research group. The conversations can be in Finnish or English. 


Caj Södergård

Professor, VTT
[email protected]

- Industrial big data and AI
- Digital media
- User-centered design

Caj has studied and developed digital technologies for media and other sectors for more than 30 years. Currently, he focuses on the use of big data in bioeconomy as well as on  human-machine co-creation in journalistic and other working tasks. He is also interested in the use of affective computing for improving human-machine interaction.

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Articles Knowledge-based recommendations of media content: case magazine articles ⚬ Mobile television - technology and user experiences. ⚬ Kustantaminen esimerkkinä digitalisaation aiheuttamasta toimialan disruptiosta ⚬ Mitä digitalisaatio on tarkoittanut kansalaisen näkökulmasta

Pekka Räsänen

Professor of Economic Sociology, University of Turku
[email protected]

- Consumer technology adoption
- Digital inequality
- Aging society
- Research methods

Professor Räsänen has studied a variety of phenomena related to consumption and lifestyle for nearly 20 years. His current research interests include the sociology of consumption, the use of information and communication technologies, and research methodologies.

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Articles Assessing the social media landscape: Online relational use-purposes and life satisfaction among Finns ⚬ Mitä digitalisaatio on tarkoittanut kansalaisen näkökulmasta

Heikki Hämmäinen

Professor of Network Economics, Aalto University
[email protected] 

- 5G 
- Industrial Internet
- Network economics 
- Regulation: radio spectrum, net neutrality, competition

Heikki's main research interests are in techno-economics and regulation of mobile services and networks. Special topics recently include 5G, measurement and analysis of mobile usage, value networks of flexible Internet access, and Industrial Internet.  

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Articles Effect of Population Density and Network Availability on Deployment of Broadband PPDR ⚬ Mobile Network Service ⚬ Does network quality matter? A field study of mobile user satisfaction ⚬ Short-Message Service as a Digital Disruptor of Industry ⚬ A disruption framework

Jukka-Pekka Bergman 

Researcher, Adj.Professor, Lappeenranta University of Technology
[email protected] 

Industry transformation driven by renewable energy and digitalization
- Innovation and strategy management
- Scenario planning

Jukka-Pekka’s research focuses is on industry transformation as a source of competitive advantage. Special topics are top managers’ sensemaking abilities and long-term strategic planning with futures research methods.

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Articles: Exploring strategic actions ⚬ Enabling open innovation ⚬ Strategic interpretation 

Janne J. Korhonen

PhD Candidate at Aalto University, Management & Organizational Consultant at Bioss
[email protected]

Janne is interested in the implications of digitalization and new technologies on organizations and business. His doctoral dissertation was about the role of IT leadership in enterprise transformation capability. Currently, he is developing practicable diagnostic and measurement tools for innovation management and digital transformation capabilities.

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Articles IT Leadership in Finland ⚬ Digital Disruption of Industry ⚬ What digital transformation is really about?

Titi Ertiö

PostDoctoral Researcher, University of Turku
[email protected]

- Technology enabled civic engagement 
- Consumer technology adoption
- Social construction of technology
- Crowdsourcing
- Personal data 
- City as a Platform

Titi is interested in the potential of emerging technologies for civic engagement, their adoption and use in urban governance. Her doctoral dissertation investigated how mobile technologies change citizens’ participation in urban planning. Currently, she studies how Finns adopt and use technologies, including mobile payments, social media use, and technology use for health, wellbeing and fitness tracking.

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Articles Mobile Online Proficiency and Mobile Internet Use - Findings from Finland ⚬ Paradoxes in Crowdsourcing ⚬ How Mobile Apps Are Helping People Design and Develop Their Cities ⚬ Luottamus syntyy vain jos laatu on heti hyvää: mobiilikanta-asiakas voi olla uskollinen asiakas

Robin Gustafsson

Associate Professor of Strategic Management,
Aalto University
[email protected]

- Strategy and organization in industry disruption
- Sources of competitive advantage from digital and platforms
- Platform and corporate digital strategies

Robin’s research focuses on strategy and organization in industry and market disruptions (technology induced disruptions). His current research and teaching is focused on how digital disrupts existing industries and markets, sources of competitive advantage from digital and platforms, successful platform and corporate digital strategies.

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Articles Emergence of Industries: A Review and Future Directions⚬ Extending community management to industry-university-government organizations

Kari Hiekkanen

Research Manager, Aalto University
[email protected]

Kari has a long experience in IT and strategy both as a researher and practitioner. Expertise areas include digitalization and IT strategy, Enteprise Architecture, IT Governance and Industrial Internet. Recently Kari has been involved with industrial application of Machine Learning, AI and Digital Ethics.

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Articles Digitalisaatio haastaa rakentajiensa arvot - tekoälyä koskeva eettinen keskustelu on olematonta, laki laahaa perässä ⚬ Onko Suomi jäämässä alustatalouden junasta?

Jari Juhanko  

COO, Aalto University Industrial Internet Campus
[email protected]

- Industrial Internet and IIoT
- Digitalisation of Industry 
- Data sharing
- Industrial Internet enablers and barriers

Previously Jari was a professor in mechatronics with research interests in measurement technology, condition monitoring and industrial maintenance. Currently Jari focuses on industrial ecosystems and data sharing as a business enabler. Jari is also an educator in Aalto Pro’s Diploma in Industrial Internet program.

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Articles Suomalainen teollinen internet – haasteesta mahdollisuudeksi ⚬ Suomi – Teollisen Internetin Piilaakso ⚬ Onko Suomi jäämässä alustatalouden junasta? ⚬ Kunnossapidon überisaatio - liiketoiminta murroksessa?

Kimmo Karhu

Postdoctoral researcher, Aalto University
[email protected] 

- Digitalization
- Platform strategy
- Open-source licensing
- Blockchain

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Articles Neljä menestyksen ohjetta digitaalisen alustan managerille ⚬ Kettu, apassi vai uusi avoimen alustan lisenssi? - Alustadigikaudella ahdistaa

Riitta Smeds

Professor of Business and Service Processes in Digital Networks, Aalto University
[email protected] 

- Development of business ecosystems
- Data sharing and exploitation for new business
- Business processes and models for ecosystems
- Ecosystem co-development interventions
- Co-development methods  
- Knowledge co-creation
- Management of transformation

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Articles Transforming a Supply Chain Towards a Digital Business Ecosystem ⚬ Interventions for the Co-creation of Inter-organizational Business Process Change ⚬ Toimitusketjusta ekosysteemiksi - kehitysinterventio lisää ymmärrystä, mutta työpajaa ei voi vain ravistaa hihasta ⚬ Hackathon-tiimi valloitti maailman verkostoilla

Heikki Ailisto                                              

Research Professor, VTT
[email protected] 

- Industrial internet and IoT 
- Digitalization of industry and society 
- Platform economy
- Artificial intelligence applied to industry

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A disruption framework ⚬ Digital disruption of industry: case USA ⚬ Onko Suomi jäämässä alustatalouden junasta? ⚬ Tuottoa ja tehokkuutta Suomeen tekoälyllä ⚬ Teollinen internet muuttaa liiketoimintaa

Kirsimarja Blomqvist 

Professor of Information Management, 
Lappeenranta University of Technology
[email protected]

- Partnerships, networks and ecosystems
- Trust in work and business context
- Knowledge management and innovation
- Digitalization and new forms of organizing

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Articles Muuttaako tietotyö verkkoon? Tietotyön digitaaliset markkinapaikat ⚬ Luottamus organisaation työhyvinvoinnin ja tehokkuuden taustalla

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Paavo Ritala

Professor of Strategy and Innovation, Lappeenranta University of Technology
[email protected]

- Coopetition 
- Platform-based business models 
- Orchestration of innovation ecosystems

Paavo's research focuses on organizational renewal of both SMEs and large companies, as well as collaborative innovation. He has previously worked with companies mainly in media and ICT sectors.

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Articles Amazonin menestyksen taustalla yllättävä syy ⚬ Henkilöstön innovatiivisuus paranee reiluilla ja ennakoitavilla HRM-käytännöillä ⚬ Alueellisen median digiloikka - mikä muuttuu?

Helena Kortelainen

Principal Scientist, VTT 
[email protected]

- Digitalization in manufacturing
- Digitalization in maintenance

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Articles Smart asset management as a service ⚬ Fleet service creation in business ecosystems - from data to decisions ⚬ Finland - the Silicon Valley of Industrial Internet ⚬ Productivity leap with IoT 

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