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Studying IB prepares professionals to take strategic action in various settings from small entrepreneurial ventures to large multinational organizations in Finland and across the globe.
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Together with the units of Organization and Management, and  Organizational Communication, International Business (IB) offers the The Master's programme in Management and International Business.

Our unit contributes to the programme particularly by providing the students with a practically relevant and research-based understanding of international business and management. For instance, the students learn how to address specific challenges associated with designing and managing geographically dispersed multinational corporations or how to expand through joint ventures. Adding IB electives and a Master’s thesis enables students to dig deeper into an area that they are passionate about−be that the emerging markets of China or Russia, people management, cross-sector partnerships or sustainability.

Graduates from the IB specialization area find careers in business and management mainly in multinational corporations but also in smaller firms, non-profit organizations, and research. Export manager, market analyst, business development manager and management consultant are examples of typical IB graduate’s job titles.

Building international competence and networks

We develop our courses in close cooperation with leading national and international organizations and International Business alumni. Real-life cases with guest speakers and multicultural teamwork are at the core of IB course portfolio. In addition to analytical and cultural sensitivity skills, our courses develop interdisciplinary, critical thinking, reflectivity, creativity, mental agility and negotiation skills.

Furthermore, the programme provides other unique opportunities to build international competences and networks. Some highly valued and widely utilized opportunities are:

Post-graduate studies and awarded dissertations

At the post-graduate level, we offer a full-time doctoral programme. Since the programme’s inception, more than 60 students have earned the distinction of doctorate.

Most of our students participate in the Nordic Research School of International Business (Nord-IB). This positions our students as active members of the wider Nordic and European community of International Business scholars. Our faculty members are also actively involved in the leadership of the NORD-IB programme, as well as in teaching doctoral students both nationally and internationally.

The dissertations of our doctorates have won or been finalists for several international awards including those awarded by Academy of International Business (AIB), Academy of Management's International Management Division (AOM IMD), European International Business Academy (EIBA), the European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration (EDAMBA), and the International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association (IPSERA).

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