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This year's keynote speakers are Kalle Lyytinen, Andrew Burton-Jones and Olivia Benfeldt

Keynote speakers

    An image of prof. Kalle Lyytinen

    KALLE LYYTINEN, (Professor at Case Western Reserve University, US) was present in the very first IRIS seminar and will share his insights on how the community has evolved over the decades.

    Lyytinen is the Iris S. Wolstein Professor of Management Design; chair and professor, design and innovation; and faculty director, doctor of management program. Lyytinen’s research helps define how rapidly changing digital innovations shape organizations. His work helps organizations know how to identify, absorb, manage, implement and be transformed by digital innovations. His recent projects have focused on engineering practices, telecommunications and software development organizations. Lyytinen studies the adoption of new technologies, new forms of collaboration, and new ways to determine system requirements.

    Lyytinen joined the Weatherhead School of Management faculty in 2001. Since then his teaching interests have focused on digital innovation theory, new business venturing, design theory and methods, research methods and theory.

    Lyytinen has an extensive list of over 300 publications in numerous prestigious journals including INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESEARCH; MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS QUARTERLY; and ORGANIZATION SCIENCE and leading conferences. He is currently among the top five scholars in the information system field by citations (H-index 71). He has presented his work extensively in the U.S. and worked globally at academic institutions including University of Cape Town, ZA; Copenhagen Business School, Denmark; City University of Hong Kong, CPR; Auckland University School of Business, New Zealand; Umea University, Sweden; Aalto University, Finland; and Oslo University, Norway.

    Professionally, Lyytinen has served as vice president for the Association for Information Systems(AIS), senior editor for INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESEARCH and editor-in-chief for the JOURNAL OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR INFORMATION SYSTEMS. He received an honorary doctorate from Copenhagen Business School in 2016 and from Umea University in 2008. Lyytinen also received the LEO Award from AIS in 2013 and he has numerous Best Paper Awards from AIS (ICIS), HICSS and AoM (OCIS). Lyytinen received his PhD from the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland.

    An image of prof. Andrew Burton-Jones

    ANDREW BURTON-JONES (Professor at The University of Queensland, Australia; EiC, MIS Quarterly) will share his views on the different approaches to IS research and reflect on how those approaches are manifested in regional AIS communities.

    Andrew graduated from UQ's Commerce program in 1998 and worked for several years in IT risk management for one of the Big-4 accounting/consulting firms. He then moved to Georgia State University in Atlanta, USA, to complete his Ph.D., followed by seven years at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, where he became a tenured Associate Professor. He returned to UQ in May 2012.

    Andrew has taught information systems in undergraduate, graduate, and executive programs, in several counties. He has a particular interest in IT governance and control, IT development, and IT strategy. He undertakes research in three areas. His first area focuses on how effectively organisations use IT. For example, he has been studying the effective use of electronic health records in health authorities. His second research area focused on improving methods to analyse and design IT systems. For example, he has examined ways to improve the specification of user requirements. His third research stream focuses on improving theories and methods used by researchers in the Information Systems discipline.

    He has published in and served on the editorial boards of the Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly, and other outlets. He recently completed a term as Representative for the Americas for the Association of Information Systems and commenced a term as International Representative for the Academy of Management (OCIS Division).

    A picture of prof. Olivia Benfeldt

    OLIVIA BENFELDT (Assistant Professor at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark) will deliver a junior scholar view on how the experiences, learnings, and education from a Nordic PhD program carries one through the early stages of one’s career. Her research relies on engaged scholarship to study and theorize complex processes of digitalization, with specific emphasis on data work and data governance within organizations. Olivia holds a Ph.D. in Information Systems and an M.Sc. in Information Technology, both from Aalborg University.

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