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SEQUME (2021-2024)

Metrology Research Institute is involved in project SEQUME - "Developing the metrology and instrumentation for single-photon sources, required for future advances in quantum technologies" financed by the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR).

This project will further develop the protocols and instrumentation required for measurements at the single-photon level, including sub-shot noise measurements, quantum imaging, sub-diffraction imaging, and quantum illumination. In addition, novel methods for the fabrication of single-photon sources will be developed and optimized for such things as purity and brightness.

The goal of this project is to establish a metrology infrastructure for the calibration of single-photon sources and detectors. For this, the consortium will develop new single-photon sources and entangled-photon sources for traceable measurements and specify their performance parameters. New validation methods will be produced to optimize sources for highest purity (g(2)(t = 0) close to 0), brightness (photon rate > 5 × 106 photons per second) and indistinguishability (Hong-Ou-Mandel visibility > 95 %). An infrastructure used in European metrology infrastructure for single-photon measurements will be developed for the traceable characterization of entangled-photon and single-photon sources, amplifiers, and standardized quantum-optical setups.

Within this project, MRI of Aalto University will utilize existing PQED in a cryostat for calibrations of single-photon detectors with photon flux down to 1 million photons per second.

contact person: Farshid Manoocheri




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