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QADeT (2021-2024)

EMPIR QADeT - Quantum sensors for metrology based on single-atom-like device technology (2021-2024)

Metrology Research Institute is involved in project QADeT - "Quantum sensors for metrology based on single-atom-like device technology" financed by the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR). The project is coordinated by INRIM (Italy) and led by Paolo Traina.

The overall objective of the project is to foster the development of Quantum Sensors (QS) for metrology based on single-atom-like device technology. 

Metrology Research Institute (MRI) leads the work package 4 (WP4), Support for sensor production, modeling and traceability. The aim of this work package is to develop reliable methods for the production and characterization of single-atom-based sensor devices, including modeling their behavior via tight-binding methods. This work package will also aim to develop the infrastructure necessary to provide the traceability chain for the measurements performed by single-atom-based sensors.

MRI contributes to develop an optical detection system, based on calibrated silicon detectors [1,2] that will be suitable for the mesoscopic characterization of the sensor that will be based on ensembles of NV centres in diamond developed in another WP. This system will cover the spectral emission range of 600 nm to 900 nm and it will be able to operate at 107 - 108 photons per second with noise equivalent power at about 1 fW/Hz1/2 and it will have a 0.1 Hz measurement bandwidth.

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Contact person: Farshid Manoocheri

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