Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

Healthcare Engineering, Management and Architecture

The Institute of Healthcare Engineering, Management and Architecture (the HEMA Institute) is a research group that concentrates on the production and development of health services.
Healthcare Engineering and Management

Our goal is to produce practically relevant research and support the development of the health care sector by applying best practices and current research in industrial management to the field of health services. We hold ambitions to develop scientific, actionable and sustainable knowledge and solutions for Healthcare. Now, we have been the leading actor in healthcare service and management research in Finland.

Our research subject has expanded to be truly interdisciplinary. HEMA is an inter-university institute combining research done at Aalto University and Helsinki University School of Medicine.  We have strong partnerships with the most innovative, leading players in the field of social and health care services in Finland and abroad. So far, HEMA Institute has led and participated in more than 20 national and international projects mainly funded by EU, Academy of Finland and Business Finland. Based on these projects, we have hundreds high-quality publications.

We currently employ 20 researchers (including three professors), whose backgrounds are mainly in Industrial Engineering and Management, Economics, Information Management, Service Science and Medicine. A consulting agency Nordic Healthcare Group Oy (NHG), the spinoff of HEMA, was founded in 2004. With more than a hundred employees, NHG has been a leading player in social and health service industry.

We are actively looking for partnerships for research and education projects.

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Research areas

Value-based Healthcare, Co-creation of Health, Health Systems Science, Healthcare Operations Management, Healthcare Performance Measurement, Health economics, Personalized Medicine, Patient Choice and Choice-Making, Patient Experience

Microscope with lines of code

MASSE - Personalized Care With Mass-Production Efficiency

Virtual care management system for solving fragmentation of chronic diseases treatment

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

DiRVa - Building evidence of the value of digital healthcare solutions

Evidence of health outcomes and created value (outcomes per resources used) is a prerequisite for successful business operation in the field of healthcare digital solutions.

Department of Industrial Engineering and Management

Developing Scientific, Actionable and Sustainable Knowledge and Solutions for Health and Social Care

HEMA Institute
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