Department of Finance

Theresa Spickers

Theresa Spickers, photo by Lasse Lecklin

Postdoctoral Researcher

Room: 3002 (School of Business, 3rd floor)

Email: [email protected]

Working papers

Investor Perception in Delegated Portfolio Management: How Manager Texts
Influence Investor Behavior
(with Gesa-Kristina Petersen)
Presented at: AFA Poster Session, Chicago 2017; UTCS Lab Meeting, University of Toronto
2017; Finance and Insurance Seminar, University of Münster 2016.

Stress test: Do investors' stress levels affect trading and prices? (with Gesa-
Kristina Petersen)
Presented at: Annual Meeting, European Finance Association (EFA), Oslo 2016; Annual
Meeting of Empirical Asset Pricing, Kiel 2016; Experimental Finance, Nijmegen 2015; Boulder
Summer Conference 2015 (Poster); University of Münster 2015.

It's Not Fear! Emotions May Not Matter As Much As We Think in Financial
Markets and Financial Crises
(with Gesa-Kristina Petersen, Markus Glaser, and Felix
Presented at: Experimental Finance, Mannheim 2016; Jahrestagung des Verbands der
Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft (VHB), Munich 2016; European Meeting of Economic
Science Association (ESA), Heidelberg 2015; Munich Finance Day 2015; Annual Meeting of
the German Finance Association (DGF), Leipzig 2015.

What Motivates Gambling? Experimental Evidence from the Cross-Section and
Time Series on Decisions under Risk
(with Désirée-Jessica Pély)
Presented at: Experimental Finance, Heidelberg 2018.

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