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ScaleUp (2023-2025)

Metrology Research Institute is involved in project S-CALeUP – ” Self-calibrating photodiodes for UV and exploitation of induced junction technology” financed by the European Partnership on Metrology (EPM).

The overall objective is to demonstrate the use of improved PQED (Predictable Quantum Efficient Detectors) detectors and associated technology as an NMI-on-a-chip in various photonics applications and to develop models and improved detector manufacturing techniques.

This objective includes the development of a 3D simulation model of photodiode charge carrier transportation in PQED for better physical representation, higher calculation speed in visible and ultraviolet range, determination of PQEDs responsivity and responsivity stability in the ultraviolet range, the extension of spectral response range, and fabrication of improved photodiodes for the UV range. 

In the project, MRI will develop a primary standard photometer based on PQED (with flow of synthetic air) for illuminance measurements of LED sources with measurement uncertainty at a level of 0.1%. Also, MRI contributes to the development of simulation models of charge-carrier transport in induced-junction photodiodes and quantum yield of PQED in UV range [1-3] as well as characterization of PQEDs in visible spectral range.

Simulated and measured quantum yield of PQED
Measured and simulated quantum yield of PQED [3]


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 Petri Kärhä

Petri Kärhä

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Farshid Manoocheri

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