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Metrology Research Institute current-to-voltage converter (2015-2019)

Custom-built high gain transimpedance photodiode amplifier is used as a current-to-voltage converter in photocurrent measurements.
Current-to-voltage converter
High gain current-to-voltage converter

Measuring low current signals of few nanoamperes, produced by a photodiode, requires a high gain transimpedance amplifier. Metrology Research Institute has designed and built a custom current-to-voltage converter which can convert the low photocurrent signal of a photodiode to a voltage that can be read with a multimeter. The device is capable of measuring photocurrent signals of as low as few nanoamperes. As most of the research work carried out at Metrology Research Institute is related to measuring optical signals with a photodiode, the current-to-voltage converter is used in most of the measurement setups of the research group.

Contact person: Hans Baumgartner

The instrument is now commercially available:

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