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Design for Transformation and Change research network

Design for Transformation and Change brings together creatives from different schools in Aalto University and diverse perspectives on the role of design to build creative futures.
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Creative Futures - Design for Transformation and Change

At the Design for Transformation and Change research network, we share an understanding that societies, corporations and lifestyles need to change towards a socially and ecologically sustainable life for future generations. Design’s role as a driver for change is already recognized in corporate culture and decision-making, but there is a lack of knowledge about its true capabilities. In this network, we combine expertise and methodologies in design management, leadership and design history, to provide in-depth knowledge of design and innovation as change-makers. 

At the core of the Design for Transformation and Change research network is a desire to generate actionable guidance for using design capabilities in any organization. We see design as a process, which is not only essential for the success of products, but also for creating concepts, strategies, visions and values.


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Anna Valtonen

Professor in Strategic Design at Aalto University, Finland and has an extensive background in industry; design, management, end-user understanding, strategy, and startups.

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Taija Turunen

Taija Turunen is an assistant professor of Design Management at Aalto University, School of Business.

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Tua Björklund

Assistant Professor, DSc Tua Björklund is one of the co-founders of Aalto Design Factory, a multidisciplinary experimentation platform in Aalto University.

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Guy Julier

Guy Julier is Head of Research of the Department of Design in Aalto University.

Turkka Keinonen

Turkka Keinonen

Turkka Keinonen (doctor of arts) is a professor of industrial design, vice dean of research and head of doctoral education at Aalto University.


Project and Community

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Design + Sustainability 

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Nokia Design Archive 

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Book cover for "Designing Change; New Opportunities for Organisations". Displays title and subtitle on a gradient background of shades of green. Editors: Anna Valtonen and Petra Nikkinen

Designing Change

Book coming soon

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