Department of Computer Science

Visual Computing and Human Computer Interaction

Visual computing and HCI research focuses on computer systems that perceive the world and augment human perception, with the goal of easing life.
Aalto University/Unto Rautio

Realizing this requires advances in both inverse senses (perception; e.g. computer vision) and forward senses (predictive; e.g. computer graphics, spatial audio, physical simulation), and their eventual combination into an evolving, learning system. Further, the rapid weaving of digital devices and services into the fabric of everyday life places increasing demands for human-computer interfaces and their design to understand human cognition to avoid overloading it. Combined with algorithmic understanding and augmentation of the world, computational models of the mind present opportunities for helping humans achieve their life goals through intelligent coaching, e.g., in sports training, wellbeing, work performance, stress management, and also learning programming.

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