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Modern HPC tools course

Modern HPC tools course: new course starting on Period II.
55-point stencil for astrophysical simulations. Image credit: Johannes Pekkilä
55-point stencil used in astrophysical simulations. Image credit: Johannes Pekkilä

The topic of this course is high-performance computing (HPC), namely heavy-duty computing on clusters or supercomputers with thousand(s) to million(s) of cores. You will learn about the main HPC architectures (tightly versus loosely coupled architectures), distributed memory and hybrid (distributed + shared memory) programming models, message-passing interface, threading, and massive parallelism with graphics processing units (GPUs).

The course runs during period II, and the first lecture is on Wed 3rd of November 13-15 over Zoom.

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Astroinformatics (external link)

Simulations of turbulence and magnetism in astrophysical objects

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