Department of Computer Science

Data science

The data science research area fuses computer science, statistics and applied mathematics to solve application problems in a data-driven manner.
Aalto University/Aki-Pekka Sinikoski

The research is fuelled by the data arising from every domain of the modern world: generated by high-throughput biomedical technologies, recorded by ubiquitous IoT sensors, or stored by providers of online services for analysing customer behaviour. We apply a range of techniques from network science to Bayesian methods and from machine learning to algorithms research to model the data and to create practical applications. Data science is inherently multidisciplinary; our researchers focus on the computational and methodological core and work together with external domain experts. Major application fields are found in bioinformatics, computational social science and astroinformatics. Our research groups have studied, e.g., how to identify metabolites with fast algorithms, how human gut microbiome dynamics relate to type 1 diabetes, and how to estimate travel times in developing countries from mobile-phone data.

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