Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

About the department

World-class research and education in modern computer science to foster future science, engineering and society. Our work combines fundamental research with innovative applications.
Mahine Learning researchers working at Department of Computer Science in Aalto University

The Department of Computer Science at Aalto University is one of the leading computer science research units in northern Europe, located at the Otaniemi campus in Espoo, Finland. With more than 400 employees, the Department of Computer Science is the largest department at Aalto University. The department is part of Aalto University School of Science.

NTU Rankings by subject 2021 and Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021 by subject


Computer Science field at Aalto University is routinely ranked among the top 10 in Europe and in the top 100 globally.

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Department of Computer Science is a partner in the international education networks such as SECCLO and EIT Digital. It also has a leading role in the national online education network FITech. 

Department of Computer Science is a member of Informatics Europe, which represents the academic and research community in Informatics in Europe.

Aalto Networking Platform

The Aalto Networking Platform brings together research expertise across departments, supporting collaboration both inside and outside of Aalto.

Networking at Aalto

Corporate collaboration

Research collaboration strengthens expertise and business development. New product and service ideas are created in study projects. Our campus offers an inspiring operating and networking environment. At Aalto's recruitment events, companies meet the top talents of the future.

Students walking and working in the basement floor of the Harald Herlin Learning center / photo by Aalto University, Aino Huovio

Aalto JobTeaser- Recruit a student

We help employers recruit Aalto University students by publishing work and internship adverts as well as thesis and project assignments in Aalto JobTeaser.

Aalto-yliopisto/Aino Huovio

FITech Network University

Study courses organised by Finnish technical universities free of charge. Courses are aimed at all Finns and permanent residents of Finland.

Kolme ihmistä kävelee vierekkäin alas portaita.
Tietotekniikan talo, Computer Science Building
Three researchers using a device on the surface of the ice at Aalto ice tank

Research and learning infrastructures

Our research and teaching infrastructures are a prerequisite for world-class, cutting edge research. They offer opportunities for collaboration and foster the local innovation ecosystem growth. The large infrastructures are open for all Aalto and external users.

Department of Computer Science at Aalto University is a member of Informatics Europe
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