Department of Communications and Networking

Network Security and Trust

The group is focused on creating new networking paradigms, protocols, algorithms, systems and functions for a trustworthy Internet. The group studies both trustworthy distributed solutions and classical and Software Defined Networks. The latter includes for example 5G.
Aalto University, Aki-Pekka Sinikoski

For the Internet context, the new solution should look at:

  1. the interactions between entities, helping to establish a level of trust between the entities such as client hosts, servers, ISPs, applications
  2. the solutions should also help to trace back, block attacks and contain the attacker and, in the long term, make network hacking, spamming and fraud financially less attractive "businesses”. Among the trustworthy distributed solutions a prominent topic is the blockchain.
Department of Communications and Networking / Network Security and Trust

We work on network wide and distributed systems of security and trust, such as cooperative firewalling, distributed ledger applications, including experimentation, applications to use cases, releases of open source software as well as the development of new network algorithms.

For the Internet, 5G and 6G, we have created the technology of Customer Edge Switching that provides cooperative firewalls for customer networks. These firewalls manage all communication based on policy and would dissolve the boundary between open and closed networks. Such firewalls can collect and attribute evidence of network attacks providing an end to end solution for wide area trust management.

We study the feasibility of such a network wide trust management system in terms of technology and economies of adoption. We have created a Proof-of-Concept level communications security policy management system and shown that it is feasible to largely automate policy creation and allow personification of the policies.

We classify our work in terms of deployability – a typical requirement is that an adoption decision of a solution should make sense for a single selfish investor irrespective of what anyone else is doing. We argue that making significant progress on the issues of trust and security is increasing in importance with the advent of 5G and Beyond 5G era when Information technology is used to read the real world and program events it. In this era physical safety will depend on IT and as a result networks are pushed to the forefront of national security.

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The research group is led by Professor Raimo Kantola.

Latest publications

Mobile network multicast supported maintenance of frequency stability in low inertia power grids

Seppo Borenius, Petri Tuomainen, Jose Costa Requena, Matti Lehtonen, Petri Hovila, Heli Kokkoniemi-Tarkkanen 2022 CIRED 2021 - The 26th International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution


Wentao Wei, Jie Wang, Zheng Yan, Wenxiu Ding 2022 Information Fusion

Applications of sketches in network traffic measurement

Hui Han, Zheng Yan, Xuyang Jing, Witold Pedrycz 2022 Information Fusion

2D Federated Learning for Personalized Human Activity Recognition in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems

Xiaokang Zhou, Wei Liang, Jianhua Ma, Zheng Yan, Kevin I-Kai Wang 2022 IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering


Xixun Yu, Hui Bai, Zheng Yan, Rui Zhang 2022 IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing


Rui Zhang, Zheng Yan, Xuerui Wang, Robert Deng 2022 IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing

Resource Allocation Optimization for Secure Multi-device Wirelessly Powered Backscatter Communication with Artificial Noise

Pu Wang, Zheng Yan, Ning Wang, Kai Zeng 2022 IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

Privacy-preserving D2D Cooperative Location Verification

Shushu Liu, Zheng Yan, Raimo Kantola 2022 2021 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM)

Efficient Privacy Protection Protocols for 5G Enabled Positioning in Industrial IoT

Shushu Liu, Zheng Yan 2022 IEEE Internet of Things Journal

Automated Responsible Disclosure of Security Vulnerabilities

Andrea Lisi, Prateeti Mukherjee, Laura De Santis, Lei Wu, Dmitrij Lagutin, Yki Kortesniemi 2022 IEEE Access
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