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Organic Chemistry

The main objective of our research interest is to develop novel synthetic technologies for the construction of complex natural and non-natural compounds with multiple chiral centers in enantiopure form.
Synthesis of the C1-C12 Fragment of Calyculin C
Synthesis of the C1-C12 Fragment of Calyculin C

Our research areas:

  1. Asymmetric synthesis

  2. Natural product chemistry


Our research ointerests include the development of novel synthetic methods especially in the field of enantioselective synthesis. A long standing project has centered on the transfer chirality information to new stereocenters on the synthesized molecule utilizing only the existing chiral information in the starting material (internal asymmetric induction). The starting materials are selected from readily available, renewable natural compounds (amino acids), and the target compounds are natural  products or their analoges with biological significance. Over the years, a number of alkaloids, sphingosine like compounds and imino sugars have been synthesized.

The research group:

Ari Koskinen

Head of the research group, Professor Ari Koskinen

Professor Ari M.P. Koskinen received his M.Sc. (Chem. Eng.) in 1979 (with professor T. Hase, development of the synthesis of alkyl tert-alkyl ethers for anti-knock agents), Licentiate in Technology in 1982 and Doctor of Technology in 1983 (with professor M. Lounasmaa, methodology development on the modified Polonovski reaction for indole alkaloid synthesis), all at the Helsinki University of Technology, Finland. After postdoctoral studies at the University of California, Berkeley (professor Henry Rapoport 1983-85 and 1987-88, total synthesis of anatoxin-a, and conformationally constrained peptidomimetics) he accepted an appointment as a Project Leader in New Drug Development at Orion Corporation – Fermion, Finland (1985-1987). His research group was among the first in Scandinavia to adopt computer aided drug design (QSAR and CoMFA) as well as computerized database handling protocols in new lead identification.

Returning to the Academia, he joined the University of Surrey, England, as a lecturer in 1989. He was then appointed as Professor of Chemistry (especially Synthetic Organic Chemistry) at the University of Oulu, Finland in 1992, and transferred to his current position at the Helsinki University of Technology in August, 1999 as Professor of Organic Chemistry (the old Gustav Komppa chair). He also holds docentships at the Universities of Helsinki and Turku, Finland. Prof. Koskinen is a member of the Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters since 2003. 

Latest publications:

Hydrodeoxygenation of Propylphenols on a Niobia-Supported Platinum Catalyst : Ortho, Meta, Para Isomerism, Reaction Conditions, and Phase Equilibria

José Luis González Escobedo, Eveliina Mäkelä, Jouni Neuvonen, Petri Uusi-Kyyny, Marina Lindblad, Reetta Karinen, Riikka L. Puurunen 2020 Advanced Sustainable Systems

Editorial to the Special Issue "Total Synthesis of Natural Products

Ari M.P. Koskinen 2020 Molecules (Basel, Switzerland)


Toni Aaltonen, Oili Kallatsa, Jaakko Simell, Nina Sneitz, Jonas Konn, Jaakko Hiltunen, Ari Koskinen 2019

Synthesis of the C1-C12 Fragment of Calyculin C

Olga V. Konstantinova, Ari M.P. Koskinen 2019 Synthesis (Germany)

Copper Catalyzed Alcohol Oxidation and Cleavage of β-O-4 Lignin Model Systems

H. Eemil P. Salonen, Carsten P.A. Mecke, Miika I. Karjomaa, Pekka M. Joensuu, Ari M.P. Koskinen 2018 ChemistrySelect
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