Department of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

Contact information for the teaching staff

Here you can find contact information for the teaching staff
Pyrometallurgy_research Ronja Ruismäki, photo Valeria Azovskaya


Lecturer: Courses:

Reetta Karinen:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-A1110 Virtaukset ja reaktorit
  • CHEM-C2130 Reaktiotekniikka
  • CHEM-L2100 Biofuels D

Marko Kekkonen:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-C2460 Metallurgian prosessit

Jukka Kortela:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-C2140 Process Control and Automation D
  • CHEM-E7215 Special Course in Process Systems Engineering D

Sami Lipponen:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-C2410 Materials Science from Microstructures to Properties
  • CHEM-C2430 Polymeeriteknologian perusteet
  • CHEM-C3420 Basics of Polymer Technology
  • CHEM-E2110 Polymer Technology Laboratory Exercises

Juha-Pekka Pokki:

[email protected]

  • CHEM-E7120 Laboratory Project in Chemical Engineering


Responsible professors for the degree programmes:

Degree programme:
Kemian tekniikan kandidaattiohjelma, kemian tekniikka ja prosessit: Ari Jokilaakso
Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering: Michael Hummel

Master's programme in Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering:

  • Chemical and Process Engineering: Marjatta Louhi-Kultanen
  • Sustainable Metals Processing: Michael Gasik

Joint Master's Programmes:

  • Advanced Energy Solutions - Industrial Energy Processes and Sustainability: Pekka Oinas

Joint International Master's Programmes:

  • European Mining, Minerals and Environmental Programme (EMMEP): Rodrigo Serna
  • Nordic Master's Programme in Polymer Technology: Jukka Seppälä
Professor: Courses:

Ville Alopaeus

[email protected]


  • CHEM-A1120 Virtaustekniikka ja lämmönsiirto
  • CHEM-A2100 Yksikköoperaatiot ja teolliset prosessit
  • CHEM-C2160 Yksikköoperaatiot
  • CHEM-E7130 Process Modeling
  • CHEM-E7160 Fluid Flow in Process Units

Francesco Corona

[email protected]

  • CHEM-E7225 Advanced Process Control D
  • CHEM-E7190 Process Dynamics and Control D

Michael Gasik

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E5105 Powder Metallurgy and Composites
  • CHEM-E5145 Materials for Renewable Energy D
  • CHEM-E6210 Individual Research Project V D
  • CHEM-E6225 Technical Innovation Project D

Iiro Harjunkoski

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E7151 Production Planning and Optimization

Ari Jokilaakso

[email protected]


  • CHEM-C2110 Materiaalitekniikan teolliset prosessit
  • CHEM-E6160 Fundamentals of Pyrometallurgy
  • CHEM-E6165 Unit Processes in Pyrometallurgy
  • CHEM-E6205 Metallurgical Engineering Project Work

Yongdan Li

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E7135 Reactor Design
  • CHEM-E7150 Reaction Engineering
  • CHEM-L2150 Biofuels and Biorefineries D

Daniel Lindberg

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E6100 Fundamentals of Chemical Thermodynamics
  • CHEM-E6105 Thermodynamics of Solutions D
  • CHEM-E6115 Thermodynamics of Modeling and Simulation D

Marjatta Louhi-Kultanen

[email protected]


  • CHEM-A1100 Teollisuuden toimintaympäristö ja prosessit
  • CHEM-C2120 Industrial Processes in Bio and Chemical Technology
  • CHEM-E7100 Engineering Thermodynamics, Separation Processes, part 1 D
  • CHEM-E7110 Engineering Thermodynamics, Separation Processes, part 2 D
  • CHEM-E7115 Experimental Assignments in Chemical Engineering

Mari Lundström

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E6180 Fundamentals of Hydrometallurgy
  • CHEM-E6185 Applied Electrochemistry and Corrosion

Pekka Oinas

[email protected]


  • CHEM-C2150 Process Design
  • CHEM-E1120 Thermochemical Processes
  • CHEM-E7105 Process Development
  • CHEM-E7170 Design project in chemical engineering
  • CHEM-E7175 Process Safety and Sustainability D
  • CHEM-E7180 Design project in chemical engineering, part B
  • CHEM-E7185 Plant/process design and business management

Riikka Puurunen

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E1130 Catalysis
  • CHEM-E1140 Catalysis for biomass refining

Jukka Seppälä

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E2130 Polymer Properties
  • CHEM-E2145 Polymer Reaction Engineering D
  • CHEM-E8145 Polymers in Medical Technology D

Rodrigo Serna

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E6120 System Integrated and Sustainable Metals Production
  • CHEM-E6130 Metal Recycling Technologies
  • CHEM-E6140 Fundamentals of Minerals Engineering and Recycling
  • CHEM-E6145 Unit Operations in Mineral Processing and Recycling
  • CHEM-E6155 Minerals Engineering Project Work
  • CHEM-E6215 Circular Economy Design Forum D
  • CHEM-E6235 Circular Economy for Materials Processing
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