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Here you can find contact information for teaching staff in the Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems.
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Lecturer: Courses:

Tero Eerikäinen:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-C2310 Bioprocess technology
  • CHEM-C2320 Bioprosessitekniikka I
  • CHEM-E3130 Biolab II
  • CHEM-E3205 Bioprocess optimization and simulation

Eero Hiltunen:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-C2420 Materials performance
  • CHEM-E2135 Converting of Web-Based Products

Timo Laukkanen:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-A1620 Näkökulmia ympäristöasioihin
  • CHEM-C2610 Ympäristökemia ja ympäristönsuojelu
  • CHEM-C2620 Teollisuuden ympäristötekniikka ja hallinta

Heli Viskari:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-C2300 Solu- ja molekyylibiologia / Cell and Molecular Biology
  • CHEM-E3110 Biolab I
  • CHEM-E3160 Biolab III

Juan Valle Delgado:

[email protected]

  • CHEM-E2195 Interfacial Phenomena in Renewable Materials Research Project V D
  • CHEM-E0130 Professional Training
  • CHEM-E0135 International Professional Training


Responsible professors for the degree programmes:

Degree programme:
Kemian tekniikan kandidaattiohjelma, Biotuotteet: Lauri Rautkari
Bachelor's Programme in Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering: Michael Hummel

Master's Programme in Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering:

  • Biomass refining: Tapani Vuorinen
  • Biotechnology: Sandip Bankar
  • Fibre and Polymer Engineering: Thaddeus Maloney

Joint Master's Programmes:

  • Creative Sustainability: Mark Hughes
  • International Design Business Management: Lauri Rautkari
  • Life Science Technologies: Alexander Frey

Joint International Master's Programmes:

  • Biological and Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Bioeconomy (BIOCEB): Eero Kontturi
  • Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems (SELECT): Olli Dahl
Professor Courses:

Eduardo Anaya:

[email protected]

No courses during the academic year 2021-2022

Mikhail Balakshin:

[email protected]


No courses during the academic year 2021-2022

Sandip Bankar:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-C1300 Fundamental Biosciences
  • CHEM-C2310 Bioprocess Technology
  • CHEM-E3140 Bioprocess technology II

Olli Dahl:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-A1105 Teollisuuden toimintaympäristö
  • CHEM-E1200 Integration and Products
  • CHEM-E1220 Sustainability in Bioproduct Industry D
  • CHEM-E6125 Environmental Management in Industry

Alexander Frey:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E3170 Systems biology
  • CHEM-E8110 Laboratory Course in Biosystems and Biomaterials Engineering
  • CHEM-E8115 Cell Factory D
  • CHEM-E8120 Cell Biology

Patrick Gane:

[email protected]


No courses during the academic year 2021-2022

Mark Hughes:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E0120 An Introduction to Wood Properties and Wood products
  • CHEM-E2105 Wood and Wood Products
  • CHEM-E2200 Polymer Blends and Composites
  • CHEM-E2205 Materials for a World in Transition D
  • CHEM-EV01 Re-imagining Wood Waste

Michael Hummel:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E2155 Biopolymers D
  • JOIN.bsc Bachelor's Thesis and Seminar
  • JOIN.trai Practical Training
  • JOIN.trai01 Practical Training

Eero Kontturi:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E2140 Cellulose-Based Fibres D
  • CHEM-L2000 Ultrathin Films D
  • CHEM3048.kand Kandidaatintyö ja seminaari
  • CHEM3049.kand Kandidaatintyö ja seminaari
  • CHEM3050.kand Kandidaatintyö ja seminaari

Mauri Kostiainen:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E2100 Polymer Synthesis
  • CHEM-E2165 Computer Aided Visualization and Scientific Presentation D

Markus Linder:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-A1300 Biokemia
  • CHEM-A1310 Basics in Bioscience
  • CHEM-C Biokemia
  • CHEM-E3150 Biophysical chemistry D
  • CHEM-L1000 Toolkit for Doctoral Studies D
  • CHEM-LV Course with Varying Content, V D
  • CHEM-LVS Summer School with Varying Content, V D

Juha Lipponen:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-A1500 Työssäoppiminen
  • CHEM-A1510 Tutkimustyön perusteet

Thaddeus Maloney:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-C2340 Industrial Biomass Processes
  • CHEM-E2120 Fibres and Fibre Products
  • CHEM-E2125 Web-Based  Natural Fiber Products

Emma Master:

[email protected]


No courses during the academic year 2021-2022

Jouni Paltakari:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-A1000 Korkeakouluopiskelijan ABC
  • CHEM-C2510 Toiminta työyhteisössä
  • CHEM-C2520 Kansainvälinen harjoittelu
  • CHEM-C3000 Research Project in Chemical Engineering V
  • CHEM-C3310 Prosessiteollisuuden matemaattiset ja tilastolliset menetelmät
  • CHEM-E1000 Orientaatio maisteriopintoihin
  • CHEM-E2160 Product Development Practices
  • CHEM-E2210 Product Development- Project Course
  • CHEM-E2220 Product Development Project Course
  • CHEM-E2215 Coatings
  • CHEM-L2030 Unit Operations of Paper and Board Finishing and Converting D

Merja Penttilä:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E8125 Synthetic biology

Paavo Penttilä:

[email protected]

  • CHEM-L2300 X-ray Scattering Methods for Structural Analysis of Bio-based Materials D

Lauri Rautkari:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E2115 Wood Products: Application and Performance
  • CHEM-E2185 Wood Specialization Course: A Project Work V D
  • CHEM.kand Kandidaatintyö ja seminaari / Bachelor's Thesis and Seminar
  • CHEM3013.kand Materiaalitieteet ja materiaalitekniikka

Orlando Rojas:

[email protected]


No courses during the academic year 2021-2022

Silvan Scheller:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-C1300 Fundamental Biosciences
  • CHEM-C2330 Biochemistry
  • CHEM-E3100 Biochemistry
  • CHEM-E3180 Concepts in Biochemistry
  • CHEM-E3190 Metabolism D
  • CHEM-E3215 Advanced Biochemistry

Herbert Sixta:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-L2010 Cellulose Chemistry D
  • CHEM-L2020 Advances in Biorefineries D

Ali Tehrani:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-E0200 Textile Finishing
  • CHEM-E0205 Textile Coloration

Tapani Vuorinen:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-A1610 Design Meets Biomaterials
  • CHEM-C3320 Plant Biomass
  • CHEM-E0150 Orientation for exchange students in the School of Chemical Engineering
  • CHEM-E0165 Nordic Biomaterials with CHEMARTS
  • CHEM-E0180 CHEMARTS Project
  • CHEM-E1100 Plant Biomass
  • CHEM-E1105 Advanced Fibreline Processes D
  • CHEM-E1150 Biomass Pretreatment and Fractionation - in Class D
  • CHEM-E1110 Lignocellulose Chemistry
  • CHEM-E1210 Bioproduct Mill Recovery Processes
  • MUO-E0101 CHEMARTS Summer School 2.0

Monika Österberg:

[email protected]


  • CHEM-C2230 Pintakemia
  • CHEM-E2150 Interfacial Phenomena in Biobased Systems D
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