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Bioprocess Engineering

Bioprocess engineering group led by Prof. Sandip Bankar is dedicated to develop sustainable, efficient yet economic bioprocesses for industrially valuable biomolecules such as bacterial cellulose biobutanol, glucose oxidase, polylysine, polyglutamate, succinic acid, etc.
Bacterial cellulose
Bacterial cellulose research

We work in the areas of fermentation and purification of biomolecules, protein engineering for enhanced yields and metabolic engineering. Currently, we are also working to synthesise bio-based materials from sustainable biomass and use various statistical tools, general kinetic reactions and metabolic engineering approaches to simulate the data and carefully studies biosynthetic pathways to divert the energy flux towards desired product. The laboratory has been actively working on conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into biochemicals, with special emphasis on improved bioprocesses for biofuels, proteins and therapeutic molecules.

Research themes:

  1. Production and downstream processing of biomolecules

  2. Bioprocess development using statistical tools and modelling

  3. In-situ bacterial cellulose modification

Production and downstream processing of biomolecules:

Bioprocess engineering lab emphasizes on fermentative production, metabolic engineering and downstream processing of biochemicals. The second-generation biomasses (such as lignocellulosic) are being explored to produce range of biomolecules viz. liquid biofuels, acids, enzymes, and biopolymers as well as therapeutic proteins, high fiber products and rare sugars. We also study simultaneous saccharification and fermentation in a consolidated bioprocess.

Bioprocess development using statistical tools and modelling:

We are working to tackle the challenges associated with gaseous mass transfer in an advanced fermentation systems such as modified airlift bioreactor. Our efforts also include design of continuous multistage bioreactors coupled with in-situ product recovery. Laboratory research also encompasses modeling and control of continuous bioprocess using artificial neural network.

In-situ bacterial cellulose modification:

We are also striving to utilise in-situ bacterial cellulose modifications for its high end applications. We have utilized second generation biomass to produce in-situ bacterial cellulose composites with improved chemical and mechanical properties. Single step cellulose modification using controlled bioprocess is being studied in our group.

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Bioprocess engineering group is mainly involved in teachings of related subjects. It mainly includes bioreactor design, control, and its operation and study various cellular level phenomenon. Design of industrial bioprocesses including mass- and energy balances, and their techno-economic assessment is also one of the highlights in our bioprocess related courses.

Professor Sandip Bankar is currently heading ‘Biotechnology’ major master’s program at School of Chemical Engineering since 2017. Besides, he teaches Bachelor level courses.

Bachelor level courses:

  • CHEM-C2310-BioprocessTechnology I (5Cr)
  • CHEM-C1300-Fundamental Biosciences (5Cr)

Master level courses:

  • CHEM-E3140-Bioprocess technology II (5Cr)
  • CHEM-E3205-Bioprocess optimization and simulation (5Cr)

The Bioprocess engineering group:

Chem prof Sandip Bankar

Professor Sandip Bankar, head of the research group:

Prof. Sandip is working at Aalto University since March 2016 to develop bioprocesses of value-added bio-molecules/chemicals/materials. Fermentation and purification of biomolecules is the core of his research interest. His work on ‘bioprocess development of biobutanol for commercial interest’ is noteworthy. Sandip is also acting as an advisor/consultant to couple of start-ups in Finland to design their bioprocesses and assess the market feasibility.

Earlier Sandip earned Bachelor of Pharmacy degree in 2005 and switched his interest to Bioprocess technology during Master of Technology studies in 2007. He was then awarded a PhD degree in Bioprocess Technology from Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai India in 2012. Soon after that Sandip joined Aalto University as a post-doctoral research fellow to advance his bioprocess engineering skills. Sandip was then honoured with a prestigious DST-INSPIRE faculty award (IIT grade Assistant Professor) from Department of Science and Technology, Government of India in 2014.

Research group members:

Team members' biographies:

Bioprocess Engineering Group

Latest publications:

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Immobilization of catalase on functionalized magnetic nanoparticles: a statistical approach

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Enhanced activity of hyperthermostable Pyrococcus horikoshii endoglucanase in superbase ionic liquids

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