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An image of unindentifiable forms in piles overlapped with a text which says: Zine Launch 02 / 12 / 2021 Pengerkatu 6 Helsinki"

Launch: 'Questions of Labour' publication

Welcome to the launch of 'Questions of Labour' publication on Thursday 2nd of December! The event will be held at Lymy, Pengerkatu 6, at 6 PM.

Vladimir Tatlin, Nursing Vessel (1929).

Department of Art Research Assemblage November 2021

Next Research Assemblage session will be on the 4th of November at 13:15-15:00 in Zoom.

Logo for ABRA consisting of a grey a-shaped logo and the text ARTIFICIAL BIOLOGY, ROBOTICS & ART

Call for interest to participate in the Artificial Biology, Robotics, and Art (ABRA) Workshop Series

ABRA is calling for applications to participate in a series of international transdisciplinary workshops between September 2021 and June 2023.

Four copies of The Waiting Room (Practising Building a Nest) lay together on white paper. Two covers are white, two are sky blue. They all show printed line drawings.

The Waiting Room (Practising Building a Nest), a hand-printed book by Athanasía Aarniosuo and Ronya Hirsma

Between January and June 2021, Athanasía Aarniosuo and Ronya Hirsma shared their thought, fears, and hopes in a series of letters to each other.

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Saara Salmi painting in Keran Hallit. Deep red roots spread out across the wall

Concreate Urban Art Festival Comes to Keran Hallit

Artists transform the interior of Keran Hallit for the Concreate Urban Art Festival 2021.

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Video still of the poetry video Asking for permission. The performer stands, dressed in black, against a white screen while a co-performer places a scarf over her head

Pyydän lupaa // Asking for permission, Poetry Video by Kirsi-Marja Moberg

MA ViCCA student's poetry video and interactive performance, Asking for permission, depicts the things in our lives that we ask permission for.

Department of Art
Still from the film Like Shadows Through Leaves, 2021. A lamp-lit tent stands in a dark landscape, it's orange interior matching the orange skyline

Like Shadows Through Leaves Awarded FIPRESCI Prize at Oberhausen

{if your bait can sing the wild one will come} Like Shadows Through Leaves wins the FIPRESCI Prize at Oberhausen 2021.

Screenshot of Somewhere I Go Places on the ViCCA Production webpage. Black text on yellow background, 'to remodel ViCCA production you must destroy ViCCA production'

ViCCA Production 2021: Sometimes I Go Places

ViCCA Production addresses the idea that artistic practice and research requires experimenting with how the practice and research is performed to a public

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An image of fine lines drawn by the artist Mira Caselius. The lines are light on a dark background, some are concentrated, others are spread sparsely.

International Women's Day 2021: Feminist Practices and Practitioners from the MA ViCCA Programme

A series of contributions from practitioners who are speaking, listening, conversing, making, reading and writing about feminist practices.

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Image of a book cover

On the Philosophy of Central European Art Published by Rowman & Littlefield's Lexington Books

Senior University Lecturer Max Ryynänen's book is an introduction to the history of the concept and the institution of (fine) art, from its ancient Southern European roots to the establishment of the modern system of the arts in eighteenth century Central Europe.

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A student holds an orange birch bolete mushroom - it has a bright terracotta top and a darker stem

ViCCA Students Launch Walk & Talk Initiative: #1 Mushroom Picking in Nuuksio

The first ViCCA Walk & Talk took place on 17 October 2020 in the Nuuksio National Park.

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 Einat Amir's portrait. photographer: Colin Conces - Bemis Contemporary art center

Doctoral Candidate Einat Amir presents her research as part of the Berlin Science Week 2020 (external link)

The presentation will be about combining performance art and social psychology to increase empathy between different groups in society. It is part of her doctoral research and done in collaboration with Dr. Yossi Hasson, a social psychologist from the Hebrew University.

Comic artwork by Solip Park

NoVA alumni news: The Finnish Game Research Society (Suomen pelitutkimuksen seura Ry) has announced the winner of master thesis prizes of 2020 Game thesis competition

The Finnish Game Research Society (Suomen pelitutkimuksen seura Ry) has announced the winner of master thesis prizes of “2020 Game Thesis Competition” to Ms. Solip Park, one of the 2020 graduates from the Nordic Visual Studies and Art Education at Aalto.

Department of Art
Artwork: Roope Laukkanen, Marsilaisen puutarhurin päiväkirja, 2019. Seashells placed on the human ace

Course 'Lens-based Contemporary Practices' online exhibition, spring 2020 (external link)

Lens-based Contemporary Practices course Online Exhibition is now open, Welcome. Photo: Roope Laukkanen, Marsilaisen puutarhurin päiväkirja, 2019.

Art as We Don't Know It kansi

Art as We Don’t Know It invites readers into the fascinating world of bioart

Art as We Don’t Know It presents a richly illustrated selection of artworks and bioart research.

Anniina Suominen, an Associate Professor of Art Pedagogy at Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design and Architecture. She is standing in front of the camera, smiling, arms crossed. In the background there is a stack of logs.

Want to change the world? Call in the art educators! (external link)

Art educators can equip people to challenge the status quo and demand change. The secret lies in love, hope, empathy and community — plus art.

A photograph of Max Ryynänen, a Senior Lecturer on the Theory of Visual Culture at Aalto University’s Department of Art.

Easy Riders and American Beauties: playing around with middle-class identity (external link)

Popular culture serves as a tool for shifting towards more flexible identities.

Andy Best. Kuva: Sanna Lehto

'Humans are not wired to make sensible choices'

Sculpture lecturer Andy Best talks about technology and the role of art in a world of rising consumption and shrinking public spaces.

Marja Rastas. Kuva: Jaakko Kahilaniemi.

Everyday choices: What are arts teachers needed for, Marja Rastas?

The world contains a void in art education, says Lecturer of Visual Arts Pedagogy.

Kalle Keinonen / Theo Weckström. Kuva: Veera Konsti

Kalle Keinonen was nominated the Ceremonial Garland Weaver for the School of Arts, Design and Architecture

For the first time in the school’s history the position is held by a male student. The piece of jewerly for the Ceremonial Garland Weaver was designed by Theo Weckström.

Minna Suoniemi: Grandfather's tongs, 2018, Series of Ink Jet Prints, edition 2/3

Lecturer Minna Suoniemi in the 8th Turku Biennale

Minna Suoniemi’s new project Practical Ecology was chosen for the 8th Turku Biennale as one of 16 out of 260 proposals.

Department of Art

DoA Art & Design Cases

A person dressed in a protective suit is trying to scratch a bog. (Short art movie.)

Human/Non-Human Interconnections in Art, Visual Culture & Everyday Life

“Art and art-based learning provides us with an alternative way of perceiving the climate crisis. It has the potential to motivate new modes of engaging with and caring for a world which is more important than ourselves. Art and art-based learning can encourage us to make new connections between living things, objects and materials,” a ViCCA student proposes.

Department of Art
Photo: Enlighten image Jaesong Park. Three people working together.

Art, Education & Entrepreneurship LAB

Art, Education & Entrepreneurship course from the NoVA master programme of Aalto ARTS, in collaboration with the Aalto Ventures Programme 

Department of Art

School of Arts News

Festival poster
Research & Art Published:

Art for All festival returns in August

The cross-artistic festival will take place 26.-28.8.2022 in the Helsinki Botanical Garden. The event features pieces from performing arts to installations and audiovisual works.
Aalto_glass_challenge_2018_Jaea Chang_Glass_Lake_Photo_Anne_Kinnunen_KDQ0207.jpg
Press releases Published:

Kone Foundation donates 800 000 euros to Aalto University's area of art and design

With this donation, the foundation wants to support research in the arts and artistic research in particular. The aim is to safeguard the diversity of disciplines and freedom of research in fields of education that have suffered from funding cuts and educational policy prioritisation.
Aalto ARTSin vuosikatselmus vuoteen 2021
Honoured, Research & Art, University Published:

The Annual Review provided an overview of the achievements in 2021

The virtual event presented the key results and achievements of the School.
Tuomas Auvinen, Rafaela Seppälä ja Marjo Miettinen_kuva Mikko Raskinen
University Published:

Rafaela Seppälä donates 500 000 euros to Aalto University's area of art and design

The substantial donation is part of the government matching funding campaign that will run until the end of June 2022.

School of Arts Events

A futuristic black-and-white banner with neon yellow details. In an experimental font, a black text says "Unfolding Tomorrow". At the top are the logos of Aalto University, Aalto Ventures Program and Aaltoes.
Lectures and seminars

Unfolding Tomorrow — Quality education, quality future

Learn what you can do today for a sustainable tomorrow.
Joystick. Image by Parvati Pillai.
Online event

For teachers: Serious Game Design

Do you want to help to increase students' engagement and motivation? Serious games dynamize learners and provide interactive learning situations. The methodology of this workshop will guide you through serious game design.

MAGICS Community Event

Welcome to MAGICS (Media – Arts – Games – Interaction – Computing – Science) community event!
Parenting and Climate Change event with Idil Gaziulusoy and Tapio Pesola
Lectures and seminars

NODUS TALKS Parenting and Climate Change

İdil Gaziulusoy and Tapio Pesola converse parenthood in the times of climate change and climate activism as a parent.

Past Events

Department of Art Research Assemblage September 2021

This Thursday, September 30th, at 13:15 – 15:00 (Finland) we will have the first Research Assemblage session in this academic year. In Research Assemblage one researching faculty member and one doctoral student present their ongoing, or recent research. Everyone is welcome!

 Post-Digital, Post-Internet Art and Education The Future is All-Over

Quality education for sustainable development

This session of Aalto Sustainability Talks discusses education's role on sustainability and sustainable development through quality lenses.

Aalto Sustainability Talks - Quality education for sustainable development

Inaugural ViCCA CROW Awards & Graduation Picnic (and Senior CROW Award for Retiring Senior Lecturer, Taina Rajanti)

On 17 June as we emerged from lockdown, the MA program in Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art (ViCCA) hosted an appropriately-socially-distanced, graduation picnic beside the Aalto University amphitheatre. 

ViCCA's staff and students in front of the amphitheater on the Otaniemi campus. Sunny day of June.

Longing distance art exhibition @ Kalasataman Vapaakaupunki

Spring exhibition of advanced studies in painting. (Aalto university School of arts, design and architecture)

detail of an acrylic painting. Pastel colors of yellow, pink, violet and a little brown. On the upper left corner there is possibly an animal feet drawn with charcoal.

Online MA Evaluations Next Week at ViCCA 15-17 June

Online MA Evaluations Next Week at ViCCA 15-17 June

ViCCA thesis presentation poster 15.6-17.6.2020

Spring 2020 MA thesis presentations / Department of Art

Spring 2020 MA thesis presentations / Department of Art (Art Education, ViCCA & NoVA programmes)

Department of Art Thesis Presentations poster. Orange poster, white text.
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