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COINNO – Collaborative Innovation Management

COINNO is a new type of course for corporate and university students to study innovation management together in mixed teams to foster collaborative learning.
School of Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

The course is two to three months long and includes up to 5 corporate projects and 25 doctoral and master’s students at Aalto University. The COINNO course gives participants expertise and know-how needed for effective innovation management through linking scientific theory with practical case projects and fostering sharing of best practices across companies and with academia. The teams are multidisciplinary, bringing together students from different cultures and backgrounds.

COINNO is targeted to corporate people working in management or development roles in manufacturing and service industries, those interested in the field of innovation management and students at Aalto University. During the course participants work on industrial cases provided by participating companies. COINNO consists of five intensive days and half-a-day pre and post workshops. The course is part of Aalto Ventures programme at Aalto University. The main teaching methods in the COINNO course are hands-on activities, group work activities, and supporting lectures.

Company participants learn about idea management, foresight, creating scenarios and prototypes, conceptualizing and other tools and methods that are key to successful and efficient creative work. The tools and methods are implemented in the mixed teams when solving their industry project together. The team work between the course sessions is facilitated with physical and virtual workspaces.

Course details

  • Contact: Responsible teacher Pekka Berg, [email protected], co-Teacher Hani Tarabichi, [email protected]
  • Duration of the project: 2 - 3 months (October - December), 5ECTS
  • Number of students per project: 5
  • Project fee for the company: 15 000€ +VAT
  • Application period for companies: January - May
  • Website: TBD

How to develop new customer service models for the paint industry?

The aim of the project was to develop a set of tools for Tikkurila in order to develop their future customer service models internationally. Five university students from different backgrounds and different cultures, and a corporate student tested and selected a proper set of tools together in a mixed team during the COINNO course. Recommendations for future service development were also given.

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