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Aalto Student Satellite Program


The Aalto student satellite project brings together students to learn and collaborate on a real space project. The students work on a real-life space mission and utilize the latest technology for designing instruments to be used in highly demanding conditions. This translates to extremely motivated students with both the know-how and drive to create innovations needed for lean and agile space missions.  Following the CubeSat project concept, the satellite project also rhymes well with modern university teaching trends that integrate the key components of professional expertise with a comprehensive learning experience.

For a company interested in collaboration, this is a great opportunity to get to work with the new generation of talented, motivated space engineers and the latest technology. Moreover, the newest nanosatellites involve technological developments, the results of which can also be used in other fields.

Course details

  • Contact: Professor Jaan Praks, [email protected]
  • Duration of the project: 2018-2020 and beyond
  • Number of students per project: 40
  • Project fee for the company: negotiated (from thousands to tens of thousands euros)
  • Application period for companies: anytime
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