Professor Jaana Beidler


NOKIA, Head of Color and Material Design, 2010 – 2014, Smart Devices, Mobile Phones and Nokia Gear

Leadership: Lead a team of designers, located in Beijing, Los Angeles and Helsinki. As a key member of the global Color and Material Design Leadership team provided highest level of creative and strategic leadership across Nokia Design, Program, Sales and Marketing.

Material Technology and Color Innovation: Lead and inspired continuous material and color evolution and innovation through cutting edge research, hands-on exploration, future concepting and collaboration with suppliers. 

Consumer Connection and Global Market: Drove consumer and market understanding, that focused on color and material preferences, regional and global insights to influence product creation and inform business decisions.                                                                                                         CMD Communication: Elevated color and material design communication and story telling. Built dynamic multi-disciplinary networks across Design, Marketing and Business to create integrated brand experiences for consumers.


NIKE, Global Color and Material Design Director, 2002 – 2010, Footwear, apparel and equipment, Oregon, USA

Member of Nike’s Global Footwear Design Leadership Team. Directed, inspired, influenced and guided Nike Design Community of 300+ designers to position Nike for future excellence through material and color design and consumer and market intelligence.

Lead, Manage and Mentor: Lead and managed team of Nike Color and Material Designers. Global Design liaison for Nike’s Design Centers in Tokyo, Amsterdam and Sao Paulo. Coached and mentored designers towards future leadership roles.                                                                                                        Trend and Market Research: Lead the creation of seasonal Color, Graphics and Materials Direction that provided the Nike product creation categories direction, inspiration, insights and practical tools for industry leading product creation.                                                                                                           Material Design: Provided seasonal direction for Nike’s key material vendors. Lead material design and operations teams in development of high quality, innovative, market relevant and competitively priced material palettes, resulting in increased material excellence and elevated product craft.                                                         

Color Design: Created seasonal Color Palettes. Guided integration of Color Direction across footwear, apparel and equipment. Lead color solutions for Nike’s highly technical performance footwear. Collaborated with Nike’s Brand Design in creating iconic color expressions for several cutting-edge Nike technologies, such as Nike+, 360 Air, Lunar, Nike Free, etc.


PATAGONIA, Color, Material and Textile Design Art Derector, 1995 – 2002, Ventura, California, USA

Directed the creation of seasonal color and material strategies and print and yarn- dye palettes. Lead a multi-disciplinary team of product, graphic and textile designers, production artists and color operations. 
Created the first Snowboarding line for Patagonia. 
Entrepeneurial spirit, established the Seedling Collection of kids clothing utilizing materials from “marker holes”. Expertise in sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

ESPRIT DE CORP, Senior Apparel Designer, 1989 – 1995, San Francisco, California, USA                                                                                                     Designed fashion apparel for girls, ages 7 to 14 years. Managed a team of junior designers in their daily work.


Colour and Sensorial Design

Our perception of the world is built on multiple senses. Visual information, such as colour, dominates and provides first impressions, while the other senses of hearing, taste, smell and touch shape the overall experience. Colour and sensorial design play two overlapping roles: they provide functionality while creating character through aesthetic attributes.

Contemporary Design
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