CS-E5200 Design Project

Design Project is a practical multidisciplinary product and service design project with strong industry participation. The aim of the Design Project course is new business discovery. The teams discover and develop new business ideas and opportunities within the theme's scope. The partners get 6-8 deeply researched service ideas with a given business domain.

What can the company expect from taking part in this project?

This course offers most benefits to customers with appreciation for user-centric design and design thinking that are seeking new product and service categories or user segments. We have partnered with companies such as Elisa and OP in Mobility as a Service, YLE in Media Services, HSL in Personal public transportation, and Posti in Consumer logistics projects.

The participating company can expect to gain from this course:

  • New product and service innovations
  • Validated user insights
  • Multidisciplinary and fresh views by top students
  • Mentoring support by top Finnish consultancy companies
  • Visualized concepts and functional prototypes
  • Excellent future employees

What is required from the company?

The participating company is expected to participate 6 end-of-sprint presentations to guide and focus the teams (roughly every third Friday afternoon during the spring). The company can host 1-2 end-of-sprint sessions at their premises for maximum exposure to their personnel.

What do the students receive?

The working methods for this course are topical lectures by industry expert, pitching, feedback sessions, industry mentoring, and independent work. After the course, students will be able to understand and explain the user centered design process for digital services. They can select and apply the correct tools and methods for the various phases of the process. They learn to apply the acquired user knowledge to solve a real-life design problem.

Students gain insight and experience on how to analyze and evaluate the intermediate design deliverables in an iterative design process. They will also learn how to present the designs and argue their design decisions in a clear and concise form. Finally, they will acquire industry best practices for product and service design with the ability to adapt them to their specific needs.

Course details

  • Contact: Mika P Nieminen, Senior Lecturer, [email protected]
  • Duration: 5 months, January-May
  • Size of the students group: 4-6 students
  • Application period for a sponsor: from October to December
  • Project fee for the company in 2019-20: 500€ per team, most often single customer for entire class of 6-8 teams.
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