Centre for Quantum Engineering (CQE) tackles the most challenging scientific and technological questions, to release the full potential of our expertise for the benefit of industry and society.
Ville Maisi at PICO lab

Our research is distributed around four core areas of European interest; quantum sensing, simulation, communication and computing, that are supported by internationally esteemed expertise in quantum enabling technologies. We focus on control of charge, flux, phonons, microwave radiation and plasmons at the ultimate accuracy, governed by quantum mechanics.

Our broad experience on fabrication and experiments on functional hybrid nanomaterials and nanostructures, 2D-materials, quantum metamaterials, as well as nanoscale components, sensors, and detectors is combined with leading theoretical expertise in the field. Our strong complementary knowhow allows us to develop and design new functional materials and structures for quantum technology applications.

We work at and develop the state-of-the-art national research infrastructure OtaNano, providing advanced nanofabrication, nanomicroscopy, and ultra-low temperature measurement facilities for quantum technologies at Aalto Otaniemi campus. As a member of the national grid and cloud computing infrastructure FGCI, we have access to the Finnish (CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd) and European (PRACE) supercomputing resources.

Our strong national collaborators are VTT quantum technologies and Turku Centre for Quantum Physics.

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