At Aalto University you get more than a degree.

Study at Aalto University

At Aalto University you get more than a degree.

Watch the students' stories below and find your own study programme.

Student plays basketball.

Team up with Talent

"Aalto-Basket plays on competitive-level, as the only team without a coach or supporting club. Others wonder how can it possibly work, but it does. Unselfishly and voluntarily, we just enjoy the game – and that often results in winning.”

– Matti Hautala, Aalto-Basket Player & Mechanical Engineering student

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Kaarle Rasi

Mix It Up

"Our team, participating in the iGEM synthetic biology competition, is a mix of biotech, design and sustainability. Producing natural textile dyes in bacteria wouldn't be possible without the diverse talent available at Aalto."

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Babi Brasileiro

Pick Your Future

“So, my hands got blue when I was picking blueberries for my morning yoghurt. And these berries grow wild and free here at Aalto Campus. You just get into the nearest bush and there you have it: an awesome snack between lectures!”

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Manuel Barrantes

Make Friends for Life

“I was warned that Finland is cold and people hard to make friends with. First one was true, but the second one – not at all. Finns just have their own way to open up. In the end, they will build an authentic relationship with you.”

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Linnea Westerlund

Raise Your Sights

“Otaniemi is a lovely student bubble to live in! There are thousands of exciting and unexpected things. For example, we have our own garden by the campus – to grow carrots, potatoes and veggies!"

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Fang Li

Break the Ice

“This ice-filled laboratory is a good ice-breaker to talk about Aalto’s top-notch research facilities. If we don’t travel to Antarctic, we Marine Technology researchers do our tests here in Ice Tank.”

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Axel Cedercreutz

Try Crazy Ideas

”Sometimes I thought I must be crazy creating a design hackathon with no experience in design. But at Aalto, you can always trust to find someone just as crazy to share the path. Ideas that sound ridiculous at first, are totally doable in the end.”

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Anna Isoniemi

Create Your Own Style

"We Aalto fashion students are encouraged to find our own styles. Here you can express yourself freely. Of course, your collection must also meet the world-class quality standards of Aalto."

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Johannes Tervo

Find Your Balance

"We dreamt of having a skateboarding ramp at the campus. With zero experience from building one, we got this piece of land from the university. This really sums up the attitude Aalto has: they fricking trust us!"

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Tinka Valentijn

Find Your Place

"This room is named Paniikki and has super powerful computers. This enables us to work with the newest methods. At the moment I am using those methods to solve illiteracy. We Aalto students get the opportunity to apply top-notch research in multidisciplinary ways."

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Angela Hernandez

Colour Outside the Lines

"Aalto acts as a simulation of work life. No company should be a silo of different departments, why should universities? The primary reason I applied here was because Aalto blends design and business with tech and science."

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Daria Babanina

Bend the Rules

“The best thing when studying in Finland is flexibility. You can freely select courses you are interested in, study at your own pace and in this way have control over your schedule. This freedom and independence at Aalto makes studying chill and motivating!”

Study at Aalto
Joni Pakarinen

Launch Globally

“After seeing how Aalto students prosper in our startup internships in Silicon Valley, it's pretty much confirmed: We are as special as these people who work for the best tech companies. We have endless opportunities to shake some sense into this world!”

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Kati Vinnikainen

Network Globally

“Mä oon huomannut, että Aalto on sellainen mahdollisuuksien yliopisto. Mulle se tarkoitti kansainvälistä kaupallista uraa. Opintojen aikana sain paitsi opiskella Aallossa monikulttuurisessa ympäristössä, myös matkustaa Peruun vaihtoon ja Hong Kongiin työharjoitteluun."

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Luiz Medeiros

Embrace Equality

"Aalto endorses equality. You will never be able to tell a person's position in the university unless you actually ask them. Professors and staff are accessible, helpful and humble. Students even address their professors by their first name! It's great!"

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Matias Von Houtum

Go Over the Top

“Aalto University is like a particle accelerator, but instead of particles, it accelerates us students. This campus is the perfect setting for different mindsets to mix. That gives birth to new thinking and, eventually, startups.”

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Noora Vänttinen

Enjoy Student Life

"I'm majoring in Automation and Systems Technology, and minoring in student life. That's not a joke. Being active in our student union has prepared me for life much better than lectures ever could."

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Tapolina Jha

Uncover Your Curiosity

"Compared to my home country, Finland is so calm, relaxing and quiet. The amount of space is mystifying. There are less people in the whole country than in my home town."

Study at Aalto
Erika Noponen

Put Science to Work

"Scientific papers shouldn’t be gathering dust in the archives! We are building an AI that makes use of millions of scientific articles to calculate the net impact of companies. We put science to work and create better data for decision-making."

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