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Aalwarts – the outdoor puzzle adventure game for students

Just yesterday an owl delivered a mysterious letter to you. You have been accepted to study in the famous Aalwarts, the School of Wizards and Witchcraft. Can you graduate with honors or will you fail the potions class? Welcome to play the outdoor puzzle adventure game to Otaniemi campus of Aalto University!
Aalwarts-logo, jossa atomimalli, kättely, hehkulamppu ja väripaletti. Mottona "Where science, art, technology and business meets magic."

Aalwarts is an outdoor puzzle adventure game planned for all Aalto students where you navigate your way through the Otaniemi area from one Aalto University location to another. You will face multiple puzzles and tasks that test your logical thinking and knowledge on Aalto University related topics.

The game is played completely outdoors and, in addition to the game app, you will need your Aalto ID in order to access some needed websites. The game takes about 2 hours and the walking route is around 2,5 km.

The game is playable starting from 15th Sep 2021 until the end of the academic year.

Three women talking and eating ice cream in front of the Väre building.


  1. Make a game date with your friend or group.
  2. Download the app LEVEL ADVENTURES™ (Google Play or App Store) and register. Give approval for location data.
  3. You'll need a team specific game code to play.

    New students: Ask the code from your tutor.

    Other students: Order the code to your email via links below. (It might end up to your junk mail.)

Kuvia sovelluksesta, jotka tukevat kirjallisia ohjeita.

How to play?

  1. The starting point of the game is in front of Väre/A bloc.
  2. Open the app LEVEL ADVENTURES™. Give approval for location data, if you haven't done so earlier.
  3. From the main screen choose your preferable language and “JOIN GAME”.
  4. Choose who will be the team captain. Team captain should be the first one to click “CREATE LOBBY” and type in the team code. After this all the other team members “JOIN LOBBY” with the same code.
  5. When you see the names of every team member in the lobby the team captain may ”START GAME”. Please note, you can’t add anyone into the team after starting the game.
  6. In turn, every player will be responsible to navigate and give the answer when they have the answering shift. Also, the team captain can always see the next task point. With the game map, navigate your way to the next task point, which is shown as a circled location tag on a map. Thus, work together as a team and always when having the answering shift read aloud everything you see on your screen. Sometimes you might be the only one to see it.
  7. When you get to a task point the eye-icon at the bottom left corner will turn yellow. By clicking it you will see the next puzzle. 
  8. Read the question carefully and try to solve it. After clicking “SOLVE” you’ll see that each puzzle has its own solution type. It might be an open text field, a number lock or a multiple choice question. 
  9. For each task you may take three clues by clicking the magnifying glass icon. Once again, this is only available for the team captain and for the one who has the answering shift. After the third clue you may check the correct solution. Bear in mind, each clue and wrong answer will add some time into your final game time.
  10. If someone’s phone goes dead or somebody has to leave in the middle of the game, you may take over a shift from the menu button at the right top corner. If any issues arise don’t hesitate to contact Level Adventures’ team: +358 50 535 1567 or [email protected] 
  11. Have FUN!
  12. If you want, share a game picture with #aalwarts, #aaltouniversity

This game has been made together with Level Adventures.

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