Aalto Thesis Program

Aalto Thesis is a project-based and multidisciplinary program for making the master’s thesis in teams with work-life collaboration. 2-4 students from various Aalto schools form a team, in which they solve work-life partner's challenges through theses works.
Aalto Thesis is a multidisciplinary program for making the master's thesis.

Aalto Thesis program is...


For each Aalto Thesis partner, a new project will be launched. The project will have an outlined topic, objectives, working process, a student project team, and a time frame of six months. A project-based approach brings a clear framework to the program for both partner and students.


In one Aalto Thesis project, 2-4 students from different Aalto schools will be working on their own master's theses around a topic provided by the partner organization. The key results and conclusions from every thesis will be presented in a joint interdisciplinary summary for the partner.


Aalto Thesis Program is a unique possibility for collaboration, in which real-life partner, students from various Aalto schools, and the whole Aalto-community learn from one another. Students get an opportunity to practice their work-life competences. The partner will be provided by the latest scientific information and ideas from graduating students as well as from their academic supervisors.

Aalto Thesis Program provides us with relevant and realistic information about our customers without us having to make random guesses.

Saara Saksanen, Communications Manager, Hoas

Why Aalto Thesis?

    Aalto Thesis provides multidisciplinary solutions for Partner's challenges.

    For the partner:

    • A broad multidisciplinary overview of the outlined topic or challenge
    • The latest scientific knowledge from different fields
    • The support of the Aalto Thesis coordinator throughout the project
    • Individual thesis works centered on your challenge
    • An interdisciplinary final presentation and summary
    • An easy way to get to know potential employees and to strengthen a positive employer image
    Aalto Thesis enables students to strenghten their work-life competences

      For the student:

      • Acquisition of work-life competences: project work, multidisciplinary collaboration, teamwork, and communication skills
      • A clear process and a time frame to accelerate and to motivate the demanding process of thesis work
      • An inspiring possibility to work on a real-life challenge provided by a partner organization
      • A paid honorarium
      • The support of the project team and Coordinator

      The best thing about Aalto Thesis Program is that I don’t have to work on my thesis alone but rather as a part of the Aalto Thesis Team.

      Tiia, marketing student

      The Process

      Before the actual Thesis Project can be launched the Coordinator will meet the partner and based on their needs create the preliminary project description. After that, it is time to recruit the student team, and then the actual project can kick-start!

      Six months process manuscript:

      1. Kick-off meeting | in charge: Aalto Thesis coordinator
      2. Joint project plan | in charge: the student team
      3. Project agreements
      4. 2-month status meeting
      5. 4-month status meeting
      6. The final presentation | in charge: the student team
      7. Handing in the thesis works and a joint interdisciplinary summary for the partner

      Current projects

      New projects are starting in autumn 2019! Currently, we have several cases on a negotiation phase.

      Working on a thesis topic provided by a real partner as part of a multidisciplinary student team is a unique opportunity for collaboration.

      Niina, Aalto Thesis Coordinator

      We are here to help.

      Niina Pitkänen

      Niina Pitkänen

      Department of Information and Service Economy
      Coordinator, Work Life Specialist
      Silva Saulio

      Silva Saulio

      Dean's Unit of the School of Business

      Currently, we are developing the Aalto Thesis Program as a part of the national Work-Integrated Pedagogy in Higher Education (WORKPEDA) initiative funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

      Teaching Lab
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