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Aalto Thesis is a project-based and multidisciplinary programme for making the Master’s thesis in work-life collaboration. In the programme, a team of 2-4 students from different Aalto schools is formed to jointly solve a multidimensional challenge given by a real work-life Partner.

While the Partner gets a diverse group of graduating future talents to collaborate for the benefit of the organisation, the students will gain the real-life case and the support of Aalto Thesis process!
Aalto Thesis is a multidisciplinary program for making the master's thesis.


In Aalto Thesis, a multidisciplinary team of 2-4 students solves a Challenge provided by the Partner organisation through Master’s thesis works. We value challenge-based learning.


Aalto Thesis is a coordinated and project-based programme supported by the Aalto Thesis Team. We want to make this easy for everyone.


Aalto Thesis is a unique possibility for multidisciplinary University-Industry collaboration. We believe that modern work is collaboration and co-creation.

Aalto Thesis provided us even more relevant, and useful information, than studies, carried out by commercial research institutes.

Saara Saksanen, Communications Manager, Hoas
Aalto Thesis generates a wide range of ideas through multidisciplinary teamwork

Want to know more?

Are you a representative of a company or other organisation willing to collaborate with future experts? Or are you an Aalto student looking for a unique Master's thesis possibilities? Please, click below to find the right information for you.

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Aalto Thesis offered me a ready-made solution for the most important step – a company with real interest and the real need for my thesis.

Tiia Penttinen, marketing student

Aalto Thesis project examples

Check some of our previous and ongoing cases to get an idea of what our programme is all about.

Two women in a Hoas shared flat's kitchen drinking coffee.

Project Hoas - Brand Identities to Houses with Communal Living Units

Read here more about Aalto Thesis project for Hoas: Brand Identities to Houses with Communal Living Units.

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Aalto Thesis Student Team

Project Finnish Digital Agency - Design System in Digital Public Sector

Read here more about Aalto Thesis project for the Finnish Digital Agency: Design System in Digital Public Sector.

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A bird perspective picture of Sinimäki area in Espoo, with housing stock and roads.

Project City of Espoo – Population Growth as a Possibility

Read here more about Aalto Thesis project for the City of Espoo: Population Growth as a Possibility.

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From a thesis supervisor’s perspective, it’s fantastic to receive help from the programme in coordinating the process.

Marketta Kyttä, professor, Aalto University

We are here to help.

Niina Pitkänen

Niina Pitkänen

Department of Information and Service Management
Aalto Thesis Programme Manager, Work-Life Specialist
Silva Saulio

Silva Saulio

Department of Computer Science
Project Employee

Currently, we are developing the Aalto Thesis in Teaching Lab and as a part of the national Work-Integrated Pedagogy in Higher Education (WORKPEDA) initiative funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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Latest Aalto Thesis news

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Multidisciplinary solutions to multifaceted challenges – Introducing Aalto Thesis

Aalto is now offering a novel approach for different kinds of organisations to collaborate with students and to tackle complex challenges. Read more!
Aalto Thesis generates a wide range of ideas through multidisciplinary collaboration
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Apply to Aalto Thesis Project: Valio – Plant-based Product Innovations

Apply to Aalto Thesis programme to solve Valio's challenge through Master's thesis works as part of a multidisciplinary team.
Illustration on beige background: two students painting a big yellow lightbulb.
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Apply to Aalto Thesis Project: City of Espoo - Population growth as a possibility

Aalto Thesis project's application for Master's students has ended. Read more of the City of Espoo's project!
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Apply to Aalto Thesis project: Population Register Centre – Design System in Digital Public Sector

Aalto Thesis programme’s application period for master’s students has ended for this project. Read more about the Population Register Centre’s project here!
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