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Taste of an attitude change

Kuvitus: Ida-Maria Wikström. Urbaanit ruoantuotannon tavat alkavat haastaa perinteistä maataloutta.

Fava bean bolognese is no longer an unusual sight on the plate of the Average Joe, and pulled oats are nowadays served at weddings and student parties. Being vegetarian is easy in today’s world, it’s not just for tree-hugging hippies any more.

Pulled oats are an innovation developed by Aalto University alumna, designer Maija Itkonen and her friend, researcher Reetta Kivelä. The pair have established a company called Gold&Green Foods, whose website says their aim is to launch a food revolution armed with plants and technology. The promised reward is better health and a cleaner environment.

In addition to vegetarian options, a trend-aware and ecologically-minded consumer might include, for example, insects and common roach, traditionally considered a worthless fish, in their diet. At the same time, urban food production methods are beginning to challenge traditional agriculture. Mushrooms are being grown in the kitchen while urban bees are being reintroduced to the cityscape.

It’s time to look at food from a fresh perspective. Vive la révolution! Minced meat sauce is yesterday’s news.

Taste of an attitude change

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Kuvitus: Ida-Maria Wikström. Sirkkojen kasvattamisesta syntyy murto-osa kasvihuonekaasuja suhteessa naudanlihan tuotannosta syntyviin kaasuihin.

Lowering the carbon footprint with bugs

Crickets are quite the superfood.

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Kuvitus: Ida-Maria Wikström. Suomessa järvet ovat pullollaan roskakalaksi leimattua särkeä, joka on hyvä proteiinin lähde.

Save our lakes by eating roach

Each roach an angler pulls up also removes phosphates, a key factor in eutrophication, from the water system. These phosphates are bound in fish bones.

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Kuvitus: Ida-Maria Wikström. Kotona voi kasvattaa sieniä kahvinporoissa tai kauran akanoissa.

Mushroom farming as part of the circular economy

18 million kilos of oyster mushrooms could be grown with the spent coffee grounds Finns produce each year.

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Kuvitus: Ida-Maria Wikström. Maailman viljelykasvien sadoista 35 prosenttia on riippuvaisia pölyttäjistä.

Bee appreciation

One way to protect bees would be to reintroduce them to urban life.

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