Equality (EQU) work at Aalto University

Aalto University is committed to promote diversity, equality and non-discrimination in all its activities.

Aalto University aims to provide a non-discriminatory, gender-equal and accessible environment in which employees and students with diverse backgrounds and duties receive equal treatment and are free to participate without discrimination in university activities.
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The Aalto University Equality Plan

The Aalto University Equality Plan (EQU plan) 2019–2021 was approved by the president's decision on 12 August 2019. You will find the new plan in Finnish, Swedish and English below in the attachments.

The Equality Plan defines the general equality principles of the University and sets goals and measures for a three-year planning period at a time. The current state of gender balance and diversity issues is described and past goals and actions are evaluated in EQU plan. In addition, the plan describes how equality advocacy work is organised at Aalto and provides instructions for supporting the promotion of the University's values.

Aalto University's three-year equality plan is supported with school-specific action plans, which are updated on a yearly basis. The schools' action plans are published annually on the school's website.

In addition to the Aalto University Equality Plan, equality is promoted by a variety of actors across the University. The work to promote equality is also supported by the Code of Conduct, language policies, the human resources plan, staff and student surveys, pay surveys and workplace reports.

Aalto University / Kristiina Mäkelä / Photo: Jaakko Kahilaniemi
Aalto-yliopiston provosti Kristiina Mäkelä

Aalto University Equality Committee

Aalto University Equality (EQU)  Committee for the years 2019-2021 is lead by Provost Kristiina Mäkelä. Besides the chair and secretary, the Committee includes six (6) quality officers (one from each school), representatives of student union, staff, teaching and research and of different services. 

In all questions regarding equality at Aalto you may contact the EQU coordinator and committee's secretary [email protected] or your school's quality officer who are

  • ARTS, Iina Ekholm, Specialist
  • BIZ, Perttu Kähäri, Development Manager
  • CHEM, Marjo Kettunen, Development Manager
  • ELEC, Outi-Elina Kansanen, Development Manager
  • ENG, Soile Koukkari, Development Manager
  • SCI, Marja Niemi, Development Manager
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In a gender-equal and non-discriminatory Aalto University:

  • All university staff shall have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities for personal development and career advancement on the basis of their academic and/or professional qualifications.
  • All shall have the opportunity to influence the development of teaching and research, as well as other operational planning.
  • Every applicant shall be treated equally in job recruitment, student admissions and teaching situations, and students shall be provided with equal opportunities for study.
  • Students’ work shall be evaluated fairly on the basis clearly and openly defined learning outcomes and evaluation methods.
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How are equality issues managed at the School of Science?

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