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Equality, diversity and inclusion at Aalto

We aim to be a diverse and inclusive community where all students, faculty, staff and stakeholders feel a sense of belonging and can fulfill their professional, educational and social aspirations fully.
Kuvassa eri-ikäisiä ja erimaalaisia ihmisiä työskentelemässä yhdessä. Kuva: Aleksi Poutanen

We actively work towards providing an inclusive and accessible environment in which employees and students with diverse backgrounds are treated equally, and are free to work and study without fear of discrimination. We are committed to identifying and removing any discrimination in our structures and practices.

We all contribute to our community equality, inclusion and diversity in our everyday life working and studying at Aalto. All of our daily encounters with colleagues, students, faculty, staff, partners and collaborators are opportunities to fostering an inclusive culture.

Equality, diversity and inclusion at Aalto

Equality, diversity and inclusiveness are in our core values, supporting our community’s wellbeing, creativity and ability to foster world-class research, teaching and impact. As part of our strategy, Aalto University Ways of Working define our mindset to collaboration: 'Diversity is part of who we are and we foster an empowered community that shines by working together'.

Share your ideas for the Aalto University Equality Plan 2022–2024

In an equal and inclusive Aalto University:

  1. All university employees have equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities for personal development and career advancement on the basis of their academic and/or professional qualifications.
  2. All have the opportunity to influence the development of teaching, research, and other University operations.
  3. Every applicant will be treated equally in job recruitment, student admissions and teaching situations, and students shall be provided with equal opportunities for study.
  4. Students’ work will be evaluated fairly on the basis clearly and openly defined learning outcomes and evaluation methods.
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Development agenda for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Aalto University Equality plan and Diversity & Inclusion strategic roadmap summarise the principles and goals of our work towards equality, diversity and inclusion.


PoP Sami Itani, Aalto BIZ. Kuva: Ilari Lahtinen
Appointments Published:

Sami Itani joins the Department of Management Studies at the School of Business as Professor of Practice

His focus areas are socio-cultural sustainability, especially diversity and inclusion.
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Research & Art Published:

New research: Companies with LGBT-friendly policies perform better

LGBT‐friendly corporate policies enhance firm performance, according to new research from the School of Business and the University of Vaasa.
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Share your ideas for the Aalto University Equality Plan 2022–2024

How should we develop the equality, diversity and inclusion of the Aalto community? Member of Aalto community, please share your views on the Aalto.fi discussion by 7 June


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Our purpose, values and way of working

Our purpose, values, and way of working define our long-term direction.

Our strategy
Kaksi henkilöä kampuksella.

Code of Conduct - Values into practice

The Code of Conduct is one way of putting our values and way of working — the foundation of our community culture — into practice.

Aalto University
Environmental Engineering. Photo: Mikko Raskinen/ Aalto University


We are committed to promoting sustainable development through research and education as well as in our campus development and other daily practices.

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Incoming International Staff

On this page read more on inviting incoming international staff. The receiving department or unit HR will take care of preparing a Hosting Agreement for the incoming person.

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