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Development agenda for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Aalto University Equality Plan and Diversity & Inclusion strategic roadmap summarise the principles and goals of our work towards equality, diversity and inclusion.

Key goals in D&I development

We promote equality, diversity and inclusion based on our D&I strategic roadmap, and our Equality Plan. Our current key goals in development of equality, diversity and inclusion are:

We foster an empowered community that shines by working together. A culture where everyone feels included is at the heart of this value.

Kristiina Mäkelä, Provost

Aalto University Equality Plan and Diversity & Incusion strategic roadmap are based on the values of the university and on the university strategy. The university is firmly committed to promoting equal opportunities of university members to learn, acquire knowledge, participate and make a difference.

The Equality Plan applies to all who work and study at Aalto. Every member of the university community has a responsibility to promote equality locally, in their own environment. The university and school management, heads of departments, units and services, as well as managers, and members of appointment and admissions committees have a key responsibility in the promotion of equality.

'For me, inclusion means fostering an environment of participation, respect, and belonging for all, where our different backgrounds and perspectives are viewed as a richness that contributes to a healthy and productive working environment.

What I’m especially proud of is how our community has emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusion for the success and wellbeing of our university during the process of jointly building our new strategy. Diversity is embedded in our values, Responsibility, Courage and Collaboration – Diversity is part of who we are and we foster an empowered community that shines by working together. A culture where everyone feels included is at the heart of this value.

I’m looking forward to continuing working together with the whole community for an open and inclusive environment to work, study, learn and grow.' states Provost Kristiina Mäkelä

Your library of tips, tools, checklists and resources for fostering diversity and inclusion in daily work

Aalto people

Learning hub on diversity and inclusion

Practical tips for fostering diversity and inclusion.

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Preventing harassment and inappropriate conduct

According to Aalto's Code of Conduct, equality, impartiality and mutual respect are the basic principles for the entire Aalto community.


Aalto University language policies

Aalto University language policies and principles

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Accessible Aalto

Aalto University strives towards being an accessible, safe and healthy university where research, teaching and services are accessible for all.

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