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Code of Conduct

The Aalto Code of Conduct summarises the principles of fair play and integrity that govern our activities and sets out guidelines for the kind of behaviour that we expect of each other. It is based on Aalto’s values and establishes a common operational culture.
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The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to protect and preserve the Aalto community by clarifying what our common values require in terms of the way we operate. It is a set of standards that the Aalto community has agreed to adhere to in order to live up to our values, uphold Aalto as a community of high integrity and ethics, and ensure a high international standard of research, education and teaching that conforms with ethical principles and responsible research conduct.

'Aalto University is made up of fantastic people with a wide variety of backgrounds, which is an invaluable asset. The Code of Conduct help us create a common operating culture and thus a better working and studying environment for everyone’, says President Ilkka Niemelä

Code of Conduct helps us create a better working and studying environment for everyone.

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The Code of Conduct applies to every single person at Aalto University: students, employees, members of the Board and companies in which Aalto University has a majority shareholding. Aalto also expects its suppliers and other partners to have a similar code of conduct in effect. In contracts made with partners, compliance with these principles can be agreed by including the "Aalto University code of conduct for partners" as appendix to the contract or in another appropriate way.

'The Aalto Code of Conduct clarifies the rules of fair play, so that we can all enjoy working at Aalto. We can honestly be proud of the fact that we work in an organisation that wants to play fair,' states Head of Legal Kristiina Kemetter.

The Aalto University Board approved the Code in June 2017.

Further information from Head of Legal Kristiina Kemetter ([email protected], +358 40 522 1887).

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